Understand Your Energy

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Understand Your Energy

Understand Your Energy and Shift It 7 simple but powerful ways to work with your vibration By Sacha Stewart You are a vibrational being and science now proves that everything is e...

Understand Your Energy

Understand Your Energy and Shift It
7 simple but powerful ways to work with your vibration
By Sacha Stewart

You are a vibrational being and science now proves that everything is energy, yet when we think about working with ’energy’ and ‘vibration’, many people will put it into the woo woo category, or see it as only a spiritual endeavour, rather than something that affects you at every moment of your life.

Your energy is your life-force, and you can use it to your benefit, you can shape it and also direct it, but most of us don’t pay attention to it.

We tend to be so attuned to our physical senses, that if we can’t see it in our 3D world we don’t consider it and how it is impacting our life in either a positive or negative way.

Yet, you can sense energy the minute you walk into a room, you know that feeling you have when you enter and can feel a dissonance, or disconnection, like you need to walk on eggshells, or alternatively that feeling of connection, when you feel at peace, at ease and relaxed.

All of this is based on your ability to feel energy, yet you may not realize this is actually your own aptitude; rather you might put it into the realm of what a few people can do.

As we’ve lost so much harmony in our day to day lives with the patterns of nature, it has become overshadowed by busyness of everyday life, we have become disconnected from ourselves and therefore our energy, but there are ways you can move through these, build your energy, your knowing and your vibration.

When you’re grounded and connected to yourself, you can begin to notice it more and particularly how your surroundings, people and situations can affect your state of being.

You will notice your energy when you feel in flow, life feels easy and you are thriving, or when you just feel like you are pushing up hill, constantly hitting blocks and flat.

On a physical level, to sense how you are feeling energetically, you will notice that when your energy is stuck, you might feel very fixed, stagnant, muscles will be tight or held, you will breathe more shallowly or unevenly.

When energy is moving freely, you will breathe easily, physically there will be more of a sense of relaxation, you have more of an open mind, and a feeling of spaciousness exists.

You can shape and alter your energy frequency and vibration, therefore allowing yourself to move more freely through the world and attract more of what you want in your life and to have more ease.

There are so many ways to work with energy, but here are 7 simple ones to help get you used to connecting and shifting it.


Take pauses throughout the day to check in and notice where you are energetically.  Close your eyes and ask yourself.  Am I present or disconnected?  Am I tense or at ease?  Am I feeling fractious or content? Take some deep breaths and just feel into it.  This will help you begin to feel into your own energy and become familiar with it.

Start to notice this as well when you are in certain situations, people, environments, the more you become attuned you can move towards what does make you feel positive, light and calm and to put in healthy boundaries around what doesn’t.


Thoughts are energetic charges within the body and mind, and you can often get entangled in the negative ones, yet you are not your thoughts and you have the power to choose more uplifting ones.

However, this can feel challenging when you are really down, to suddenly turn it into positivity, yet what if you could just choose the better feeling thought?

It can start to send you on the upward spiral rather than continuing to go on the downward spiral.  What is a thought that could make you feel a little bit better?  Then you keep choosing until you gradually begin to shift your energy and vibration.  If you don’t know where to begin, gratitude can be a powerful practice to start you off.


Our emotions are also a sign of energy within you, rather than ignoring them, allow them to flow through.

Laughter and crying can be a discharge of that build up, so allow those tears to flow.  Anger flare ups are also an invitation to move that energy, you can release it safely by moving your body, beating a pillow if necessary, head to a boxing class, or scream in your car (rather than at your partner!)  It can leave you feeling free and a release of that build up having shifted.


Many of the people that have come to my workshops and courses have experienced this where we literally shake our physical body and release.  You hold so much of your old traumas and patterning in your body, and when you shake it out you allow our body to release tension, anxiety and past events.

You may notice that when animals get a shock they shake – this primordial instinct, but as humans we hold on to it, we tend to push it aside and soldier on.

Shaking allows you to bring a lightness into your being as it works on both the energetic and physical level.

Here is my favourite shaking it out track!  Pop it on and go for it.

Listen here


Nature has a high vibration, yet so many of us are surrounded by concrete most of the day.  Physical contact with the earth grounds you and reduces the stress hormone cortisol in your body, it simultaneously helps to rejuvenate, calm and improve your mood.

Walking barefoot on the sand or grass cleanses your energy and you also get the benefit of the serotonin of the sun, literally receiving the energetic light of it’s rays to boost your energy and feel good.


Food and water holds energy, when you eat high vibrational foods, grown from the earth, and hydrate your body, you are going to feel more energized and vibrant.

You know that sluggish feeling you get when you eat junk food?  Compare that to when you eat something nourishing and see how it can literally shift your energy.


Meditation is powerful on so many levels, but especially in shifting your energy.  It can raise your vibration, it can help you to shift limiting thoughts and beliefs, as well as bring in a greater sense of relaxation.

Try this self healing meditation.

The more conscious you are of your energy, the more you connect to it, feel into it, and notice it in your physical body, the more you realise that it’s not something outside of yourself, and that you have the power to shift it and bring yourself back into alignment.

If you’re interested in Kinesiology where we work together to shift your vibration, and tap into what can be going on under the surface and subconscious of your energy body, contact Sacha here to learn more or make a booking. Sessions available in person and online.


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