Serene Body Health

Serene Body Health

Serene Body Health

Serene Body Health is a beauty, wellness and lifestyle brand. Our mission is to encourage daily practices and rituals of self-care, balanced with modern life through the power of scent.

We create products that are healthy, natural, ethical and sustainable, while feeling luxurious and special on the body and awakening the olfactory system in the brain. Our passion explores the beauty of balancing aromas, creating inspiring scents that have the power to shift moods, support emotional health, helping to empower people.

At Serene Body Health you will find a beautiful range of natural perfume oils, oil blends, and diffusers to make any daily ritual complete. Serene's natural perfumes make perfect gifts for your fellow wellness and toxin free living enthusiast!

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Hue and Flores

Hue and Flores

Hue and Flores

A collection of colour and flora inspired by the seaside.

Forever inspired by the mesmerising colours surrounding us in the tranquillity of nature, these wonderful hues are being craved during the difficult global pandemic we are enduring. Hue and Flores was established during a time when the collective world was propelled to stop and live a slower life.

Hue and Flores Australian made designs are inspired by seaside nature and its tranquil surrounds - salty sea air, calm ocean water, lush coastal vegetation.

The hand-poured creation of a Hue and Flores eco-friendly soy wax candle, using all natural ingredients, aims to make you feel good and brighten your home. Giving you greater piece of mind for a chemical free candle burning experience.

Our flora bloom bar offers beautiful dried floral stems in pre-arrangements to enhance your home sanctuary.

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Willow Urban Retreat

Willow Urban Retreat

Willow Urban Retreat
1203 High Street Armadale VIC 3143
03 9822 8778

Our philosophy is to ensure your health and wellbeing is offered every chance to be at its best.

The Willow café menu is created with heart and connection to ethical, wholesome growers and artisan products. Our menu was designed by Head Chef and in-house naturopath to ensure that every dish is made with intent to delight all the senses while providing you with optimal nutrition.

The Willow Spa sits adjacent to the wholefood café, providing ease of access to a range of holistic spa therapies including massage, holistic facials, body therapies, infrared saunas & consultations with renowned health and wellness experts. Our skin care and essential oil ranges were meticulously researched and selected to combine the wisdom of ancient natural health principles with modern research.

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> 10% off all food and beverage in the Retreat Café when dining in.

Offers exclude Spa Journeys and Retreat Programs.

New Moon Blends

New Moon Blends

New Moon Blends

New Moon Blends started in 2016 when Alana (Founder) was frustrated at the inability to find reasonably-priced beauty products which were free of chemicals but with medicinal properties. This spurred her to start her own range of natural, organic products made with no additives or preservatives.

New Moon Blends is all about going back to our roots and using herbs and plants as medicine to nourish the skin, body and soul.

All products are Australian sourced and free from chemicals, parabens, fillers and other nasties. Everything is packaged in glass and we offer 20% off when you return the glass bottle with your next order.

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Nourished Energy

Nourished Energy

Armadale VIC 3143 and online

Nourished Energy is a leading Energy Healing training and service provider, created by International Reiki Master and Teacher, Crystal Alchemist and Soul Coach, Loretta Carraro. It is a high vibrational facility that offers the complete foundation for light-workers to step into a fully supported, thriving and masterful career. Whether you are looking at using Reiki or crystal healing as a self healing tool, a modality to work with clients or to help you in business and life, you’re in the right place…

With almost 400 students globally, our signature transformational Reiki programs are more than just Reiki classes. Combining Loretta’s unique expertise and experience as a multi-dimensional healer, coach and intuitive, students experience high level activations as she channels wisdom, accesses knowledge and grounds them into a strategic and powerful method of facilitation.

Nourished Energy also provides 1:1 private transformational healing and coaching with Loretta Carraro - a creator of love and magic!

Be sure to sign up to the newsletter on the website to receive a free gift and keep up to date with upcoming events and promotions. 

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Simple As That

SIMPLE as that

{SIMPLE as that} is all about skin health and promoting natural beauty, simply. We are not about beautiful models, unpronounceable ingredients or complex rituals. {SIMPLE as that} is about proven results, organic, fair trade and vegan ingredients, and a simple beauty routine to keep your skin healthy for life.

We believe 'less is more' and this is definitely true when it comes to natural beauty. At {SIMPLE as that} we make our products from scratch using as few ingredients as possible. We know that sticking to the basics is the best for your skin and our planet. We don’t dilute our products with cheap synthetic fillers, so our skincare is purer and better for you. It also means that our products are more likely to be effective, even on the most sensitive skin.

We want our products to be just as good for our community and planet, as they are for your skin. That’s why we support sustainable, local, small farm and organic sources to bring you the most ecologically and ethically responsible products possible. Our range will make you feel good inside and out!

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Bhumi Organic Cotton_2_NM site

Bhumi Organic Cotton



At Bhumi, we invite you to experience the purity and softness of organic cotton. Our Bedding, Bath & Basics range fuses the worlds of certified organic cotton, fairtrade, contemporary designs and green living.

Bhumi, Mother Earth in Sanskrit, is the energy and sacred connection of us all.

Bhumi Organic Cotton aim to honour this connection by nurturing our fragile environment, restoring a balance in humanity and providing compassion to the earth with their certified organic cotton products and fair trade practices.

Bhumi designs products that reflect the natural beauty around us and provides the building blocks for greening your life and home. The Bhumi range fuses the worlds of sustainable exquisite fabrics, contemporary designs and green living.

Bhumi Organic Cotton products are organic, fair-trade, sustainable and recycled.

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Chamomile-walnut-scrub_JEvans_NM site

Jacqueline Evans Naturopathic Skincare


Formulated and made in Melbourne, Jacqueline Evans Naturopathic Skincare is made using naturopathic principles and helps to promote the natural health of your skin. Jacqui says, "remember that the skin is the body’s largest organ, and we should treat it with the same respect we treat our other organs – we carefully consider what we put into our bodies, and so we should carefully consider what we put onto our bodies."

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Shop Neutral_cropped_NM website

Shop Neutral

Shop 6, Prahran Market, 163 Commercial Road South Yarra VIC 3141
03 9826 4884
Shop Neutral at Prahran Market


Shop Neutral sells products that are kind to people, and the planet. Stuff made in Victoria gets extra brownie points. And anything toxic or over-packaged is just plain face-palmed.

The Back to Basics range of cleaning products they supply, very proudly, is a prime example. Developed more than 15 years ago, the range was created after the owner fell seriously ill and decided to remove anything toxic from her home, and cleaning products. As it turns out, these products were better for her, and the environment.

Read more on the blog.

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