The Naturopathic Co.

The Naturopathic Co.

The Naturopathic Co.
Modern naturopathy for women + children
Suite 1, 54 Davis Avenue, South Yarra, VIC 3141
1300 280 509
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At The Naturopathic Co. we are passionate about supporting women and children in regaining vibrant health and wellbeing. We combine our love of natural therapies with modern and sophisticated functional testing to rebalance and restore the body.

Modern women face high levels of stress, minimal downtime, superwoman expectations, anxiety, and chronically poor sleep. Digestive symptoms, fatigue, hair loss, menstrual cycle irregularities, and skin issues are your body’s way of telling you that something has gone off track. We help you understand why you’re feeling unwell, and then work alongside you to restore balance with a personalised treatment plan.

Yvette is a qualified Melbourne-based Naturopath and Nutritionist, MINDD Practitioner, member of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia, and Complementary Medicine Association. Yvette specialises in the treatment of conditions commonly affecting women and children, with a key interest in children’s digestive and neurological conditions, as well as women’s hormonal concerns, digestive issues, fatigue, anxiety, and skin concerns. Yvette loves approaching holistic beauty, health, and wellness from the inside out.

The Naturopathic Co. consultations are in-person at our clinic in South Yarra, Melbourne, as well as Australia-wide via Skype, Zoom, or phone.

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Richmond VIC 3121

Specialising in face and body Endermologie treatments for lymphatic stimulation and cellular regeneration.

Santé provides a space for people to stimulate their senses, explore the mind-body connection, and feel energised and grounded.

Endermologie uses mechanical manipulation of the skin and underlying connective tissue (fascia) to promote vibrant health and reveal inner radiance.

At Santé, we use the latest Cellu M6 Alliance LPG Endermologie machine manufactured in France and backed by over 145 scientific studies.

Although the treatment works on the skin, it triggers physiological responses deep down to provide a range of health and beauty benefits.

Benefits include:

+ Stimulating circulation
+ Activating lymphatic drainage
+ Reducing fluid retention
+ Improving skin tone, texture + wrinkles
+ Reducing cellulite
+ Stimulating the breakdown of fat cells
+ Assisting detoxification + reducing inflammation
+ Calming the nervous system + boosting energy

Best of all, our treatments are non-invasive, 100% natural and support the body’s own healing mechanisms.

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Muka Face Massage

Muka Face Massage

Muka Face Massage
Mobile face massage therapist
0413 746 696

Welcome to Muka, home of the only natural face lift and rejuvenation massage in Melbourne. We provide mobile massage services in the comfort of your home so you are left relaxed and able to enjoy the full benefits of the treatment, or in our home based studio in Armadale.

Muka is built on the belief that massage and touch promotes wellness to both body and mind. Our face massage is a deeply relaxing holistic treatment based on Ayurveda methods to naturally lift and tighten face muscles. This gentle non-invasive massage softens fine lines and wrinkles while encouraging better circulation and lymphatic drainage. Benefits are visible after the first treatment and you can expect better sleep and relaxation for a few days after.

Your treatment:
Nina is a certified Ayurveda face therapist and has worked on young and mature clients as well as patients with long term illnesses in need of care and relief.

The treatment involves a rosewater cleanse followed by an hour of specific hand massage techniques using no product. Towards the end of the treatment while your skin is warm a nourishing organic face serum is applied. We end with a soothing head, neck and hand massage for total relaxation.

To book: email Nina at or call 0413 746 696

Please note that in home treatments are only serviced up to a 15km radius from Armadale VIC.

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> New clients/first treatment: $60

> Ongoing: $80 per treatment

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Stephanie Gobbo

Stephanie Gobbo

Stephanie Gobbo, Naturopath
Willow Urban Retreat
1203 High Street Armadale VIC 3143

Stephanie Gobbo is a modern, science trained naturopath. She specialises in all gut health disorders and auto-immune diseases.

Stephanie focuses on getting to the root cause of any presenting symptoms and will use functional pathology testing as needed. As a Coeliac herself, Stephanie has dedicated her research to diagnosing and treating gut disorders, food allergies and intolerances and auto-immune diseases.

Stephanie creates personalised treatment and whole food recipe plans for each client and supports with holistic care. Other areas of experience include: stress management and adrenal depletion, anxiety and insomnia, preconception and fertility, skin conditions and immune care.

Stephanie is also a speaker and health writer in the industry, and a recipe developer.

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Life UnLtd

Life UnLtd

Life UnLtd

“I match your energy with your mission” - Amber Ward, Life UnLtd.

Imagine the power of feeling and looking more energised, focussed and calm. Walking into a room and connecting positively with others, embracing each day with joy and new potential as you bring your vision to life...others will feel it too.

Amber Ward developed the Life UnLtd framework of Energetic Intelligence based upon neuroscience, new technologies, ancient wisdoms and the principles of Quantum Physics.

Your energetic makeup is unique. By developing your Energetic Intelligence, you’re able to have greater influence over how you experience the world and focus on what you want to create.

As an international Wellness Mentor, credentialed Transformational Coach and mental health advocate, Amber guide’s entrepreneurs and high achievers to recalibrate their energy and fully optimise themselves working holistically across mind, body, spirit and conscious creator abilities.

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Force of Life

Force of Life

Force of Life
131 Bluff Road Black Rock VIC 3193

Force of Life is Melbourne’s newest healing centre, offering Reiki, Crystal Healing, Traditional Ayurvedic Health and Life-coaching, with many more other modalities coming soon. Based in the beautiful Black Rock area, we share a site with one of the most spectacular crystals shops in Melbourne.  

At Force of Life, we know that good health is integral to a life of balance and bliss. With wellbeing at the centre of our healing space we offer a range of therapeutic modalities to benefit you on a subtle, emotional and physical level. Here at Force of Life, we believe that health and wellness is our natural birthright. Our incredible Holistic Health Practitioners are here to work with you, on your health journey, to bring you back into alignment with your own personal, inner healing Force of Life.

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Freya Graf

Freya Graf

Freya Graf
Clifton Hill VIC 3068 and Northcote VIC 3070

Freya Graf is a Melbourne-based Yoni Mapping Therapist and sex educator with a passion for holistic health, well-being and personal development.

With a background of study in Kahuna massage, yoni massage, facilitation and coaching, childcare, yoga teaching, tantric bodywork and sacred sexuality, Freya has established her Yoni Mapping Therapy practice in Melbourne’s inner suburbs where she offers Yoni Mapping Therapy, Kahuna massage, and Modern Sex Education and Coaching sessions.

Freya is passionate about authentic human connection, natural therapies, sexual education & empowerment, and the incredibly important, but often overlooked, role of touch in a human’s well-being.

Freya is inspired by nature’s innate wisdom, reflected in our amazing bodies and in the natural environment that she loves to get amongst and explore. Her favourite pastimes range from cooking, nutrition, reading endless stacks of books, and creating natural skincare products in her kitchen, to dance and movement, learning, singing joyfully, organic gardening, and performing live music.

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Rachel Larsson

Rachel Larsson

Rachel Larsson
282a Queens Parade, Fitzroy North VIC 3068 (within Elk Wellbeing)

Rachel is a warm and passionate naturopath and nutritionist that specialises in gut health. She also excels in supporting those with food intolerances and sensitivities, fatigue, mould illness, mental health and wellbeing concerns, poor immunity, autoimmunity and issues of detoxification.

Rachel offers a unique approach to health by combining:

+ Gut health
+ Food as medicine
+ Functional testing
+ Evidence-based medicine
+ Nutritional biochemistry
+ Mindfulness and connection

Rachel provides this unique approach on her signature five-month program called The Gut Feeling to Gut Healing Program. The Gut Feeling to Gut Healing Program combines the latest in evidence-based treatments and functional medicine with holistic traditions of naturopathy to help you achieve your health goals. She works in partnership with you to educate and empower you to create and sustain optimal health and vitality.

Click here for more information about The Gut Feeling to Gut Healing Program.

To see if the The Gut Feeling to Gut Healing Program is suitable for you, please book here for your FREE compatibility call.

Private health rebates are available.

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Nurture You

Nurture You

Nurture You
Suite 2, Level 1, 30 English Street Essendon Fields VIC 3040

Meet Dr. Andrea Parisio-Ferraro – Chiropractor for over 10 years, a Mumma of two, and Director/Head Chiropractor at Nurture You – Chiropractic in Essendon Fields.

Andrea is a fiercely passionate chiropractor with a warm bubbly personality. Her passion lies in wellness care from pre-conception through to pregnancy, babies and children. Andrea loves working with couples preparing to enter an exciting time of their lives of starting a family. She has furthered her chiropractic skills to help women during pregnancy and often goes above and beyond during the journey to offer care and advice to help along the way. One of Andrea’s greatest joys, comes from working with babies and children.

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Nimbus & Co

Nimbus & Co

Nimbus & Co
63-67 Cubitt Street Cremorne VIC 3121

Nimbus & Co Melbourne is a contemporary wellness space designed to help you nourish your body & mind.

Our Melbourne studio is home to four state-of-the-art private infrared saunas, holistic health practitioners, and a select retail offering for all of your wellness needs. We host regular wellness events and weekly meditation classes.

Our core focus is to offer a place that allows you to explore, nourish and remedy your body and mind at your own pace. We present you with traditional & contemporary tools and practices for you to seek space within your everyday life.

Every element of Nimbus & Co, from the people to the products, are carefully considered to support you to find your alignment.

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$30 (usually $45) for your first 45 minute infrared sauna session, $75 (usually $99) introductory pass (3 x 45 minute infrared sauna sessions) and 10% discount ongoing for infrared sauna sessions, Kinesiology, Nutrition & Thai Massage.

ispy inspiration

ispy inspiration

Consulting from Beingwell Healthcare, Prahran

Allie at ispy inspiration is a Melbourne based Integrative Nutritional Health and Wellness Coach. Whose passion lies within women's health and wellbeing with a major focus in nutrition, mind-body wellness and positive psychology. 

Allie inspires individuals of all ages to find balance and peace. Her mission is to provide individuals with strategies, rituals and tools that will boost innovation and productivity, reduce stress and create more space in everyday life. 

She is a strong advocate of bio-individuality and therefore will work personally with individuals to tailor lifestyle and health programs that work for you as an individual patient. Trained in over 100 dietary theories and lifestyle coaching techniques, she is centred upon helping you discover what will bring you optimal health and wellbeing and what might be holding you back.

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Daniel Tucker Meditation

Daniel Tucker Meditation

Daniel Tucker Meditation
Melbourne VIC 3000

My passion is to break the misconceptions surrounding meditation to make this powerful tool accessible, understood and practiced by as many people as possible. 

Since adopting a daily practice in 2014 I have experienced tremendous increases to my mental health and physical wellbeing.

I attribute this completely to the increased self-awareness gained from meditating daily.

My offerings include obligation free information sessions that break down common misconceptions around meditation and give a deeper insight as to how a “Being Technique” can effortlessly combat stress and bring us back into a natural state of balance. 

The Being Technique Course runs over three consecutive days in 90-minute sessions. Where you will learn the technique, how to establish your daily practice and deepen your understanding of the way meditation aligns the mind and body. 

Beyond the three-day course I offer free weekly group meditations (for course participants), a place to connect back in and answer any questions that may arise as part of your ongoing growth and evolution. 

I have recently chosen to remove myself from social media however all the necessary information can be found on my website 

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The Revitalise Centre

The Revitalise Centre

The Revitalise Centre
7-9 Bardolph Street Glen Iris VIC 3146
9889 7315

Honour your body, fuel your soul at The Revitalise Centre.

The Revitalise Centre is a wellness hub that cultivates and nurtures physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We're a collective of practitioners who embrace a complete approach to holistic health and wellbeing to guide your journey to vibrance.

We provide a range of therapeutic services including Kinesiology, Craniosacral Therapy, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Podiatry, Reiki, Hypnotherapy and health and wellness coaching.

We also provide Yoga, Meditation, Chakradance classes and a range of workshops and events that honour your body and fuel your soul.

At The Revitalise Centre we believe that wellbeing is a daily act of self-love, not an occasional indulgence and that we are all capable and deserving of vibrance and vitality. Education unlocks your body's untold strengths and abilities making knowledge the key to living an healthy, vibrant and fulfilling life.

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Studio PP

Studio PP

Studio PP
Level 1, 7 Almeida Crescent South Yarra VIC 3141
0477 707 778

At Studio PP you are not a number. We believe in performance from the inside out and celebrate our clients being the best version of themselves on and off the mat. We take a 360 approach and believe body and mind are intrinsically connected.

Founded by Former Winter Olympian and influential fitness expert, Steph Prem, Studio PP is a complete health and fitness destination, with a contemporary approach to Pilates and functional fitness.

Function and form collaborate in a luxe space designed to inspire, motivate and nurture a balanced body and mind. Our team are focused on long-term personal results and engagement rather than superficial short-term impressions.

A full timetable of 40+ classes per week including Reformer Pilates, HIIT, Spin, Yoga, Barre, Boxing, TRX and personal training are offered with tailored programs focusing on the right results for your body.

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Thrive Osteopathy

Thrive Osteopathy

Thrive Osteopathy
Willow Urban Retreat, 1203 High Street Armadale VIC 3143 (Tuesday & Thursday)
0468 890 245
You Day Spa, Level 12, 15 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000 (Monday & Wednesday)

Thrive Osteopathy is a new breed of health and wellness clinic that offers you highly effective and personalised physical therapy for a range of painful conditions.

At Thrive we treat every client as an individual and consider all aspects of your health; mind, body & environment. Our treatments go beyond traditional treatments and incorporate a range of techniques to ensure we treat the root cause of your pain, not just the obvious symptoms. 

Our thorough and holistic approach sees us successfully treat conditions including neck and back pain, headache & migraine, sports or workplace injury, arthritis, as well as provide support during and after pregnancy and rehabilitation following surgery.

To meet your unique needs our highly experienced practitioners combine osteopathy with dry-needling, rehabilitative exercise, cranial-sacral therapy, nutritional advice and mindfulness techniques to help you live pain-free and thrive.

Our calm and welcoming rooms are nothing like typical 'clinical' spaces and ensure your experience with us is both restorative and relaxing.

Thrive has two locations in Melbourne CBD and South Yarra. Both offer on-the spot health rebates to make getting the care you need easy and convenient.

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Dr Sarah Jane_3_NM site

Dr Sarah Jane – Gentle Chiropractor & Yoga Teacher

Dr Sarah Jane - Gentle Chiropractor & Yoga Teacher
Metamorphoses Healing Centre
Suite 3/44 Warra Street Kooyong VIC 3144

I am a ‘Non Cracking’ Gentle Chiropractor, Intuitive Healer, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor and I have an extensive interest in learning about world religions, culture, nature, animals, food, art, self-improvement, spirituality and ultimately living in alignment with my true purpose.

In 2017, I travelled to India with 9 peers chosen to participate in the Hands On Health program and delivered Chiropractic treatment to approximately 600 people in need. I have volunteered extensively at other Hands On Health locations on the Mornington Peninsula and within Indigenous communities in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, delivering affordable Chiropractic care to the public.

My goal is to empower you on your health and wellness journey, through light yet powerful touch, breath work and by honouring your body’s communication. I utilise the latest techniques (Network Spinal Analysis, Sacro Occipital Technique, Torque Release Technique, Activator Methods, Neuro Emotional Technique, Muscle Testing, Soft Tissue Therapy)and work within an evidence base framework.

I practice from Metamorphoses Healing Centre in Kooyong on Saturdays, 9.30-2.30. Book online here.

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Willow Urban Retreat

Willow Urban Retreat

Willow Urban Retreat
1203 High Street Armadale VIC 3143
03 9822 8778

YOUR URBAN RETREAT – The art of living well.

Willow Urban Retreat offers a holistic approach to health and fitness, a place that promotes and educates physical, nutritional, mental and social wellbeing, it is a space to escape from city stressors. Our Urban Retreat provides a 360 approach to wellness. We meld eastern and western philosophies to personalise experiences and guide guests on their wellness journey. Comprehensive programs include wellbeing consultations, spa treatments and inspiration for creating a healthy lifestyle, your unique wellness experience. Our team of holistic health experts, fitness professionals and outstanding spa therapists have been hand-picked for their exceptional knowledge and expertise

For Nourish Melbourne Members

> 20% off your first Wellness Spa treatment and 10% off all treatments and products thereafter.
> 20% off initial Ayurvedic, Naturopathic and Oriental Health Consultations and 10% off follow ups.
> 10% off 5, 10 and 20 class packs on all Movement and Mindfulness classes.
> 10% off all food and beverage in the Retreat Café when dining in.

Offers exclude Spa Journeys and Retreat Programs.

Natalie Bondine

Natalie Bondine – The Ritual Woman

Natalie Bondine - The Ritual Woman
Traditional Tantra Teacher & Embodiment for Women

Welcome Home Beautiful!

I warmly invite you to enter our Sacred Space.

This is a space for you to return to you. It is a place to come quieten your mind, deepen your roots , connect to your luscious body and remember you belong.

This is the way of the wild and wise woman within
Because you feel her in your bones
She is both ancient and ever present
Sacred and messy
This is the path of the Heart.

> About Natalie

My work here is born of a deep desire to support women to come home deeply to themselves. To remember who we are in our true nature and connect deeply back to our innate magic through Ritual

There is a powerful cultural tide that pulls us to do more, to be more, to achieve more and the result can be exhaustion. We are more disconnected than ever to our bodies, our wisdom and the earth. This is the journey back to Self- Love with a little bit of magical helping hand.

For Nourish Melbourne Members

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Earth Star Kinesiology

Earth Star Kinesiology

Earth Star Kinesiology

Polly discovered kinesiology when searching for answers for her and her family’s health issues. Having previously tried many different approaches, nothing helped as much as kinesiology. After seeing the incredible difference it made she was inspired to retrain as a kinesiologist in order to help others reach their potential, empowering them to better health mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Polly specialises in Neuroenergetic Kinesiology (NK), which brings together the western knowledge of anatomy and physiology with the eastern energetic and spiritual systems in a unique finger mode and acupressure formatting system that follows the anatomical, physiological and energetic pathways to identify the location and type of stress and what is needed to release it, thereby optimising the body’s natural healing ability. NK gets to the root of the issue rather than focusing on symptom management.

Kinesiology can help all people of all ages and is a powerful yet gentle tool to help you feel vital, healthy and balanced.

To find out more visit

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20% off your initial kinesiology session and 10% off all kinesiology sessions thereafter.

Ultimate Detox Solutions

Ultimate Detox Solutions

67 Argus Street Cheltenham VIC 3192
03 9584 7327

At Ultimate Detox Solutions we specialise in digestive problems and detoxification (e.g. heavy metals, parasites, plastics and other toxins). We also do closed colonics. If you're tired, stressed, in pain or wanting improved health we can help you.

Our Naturopaths are highly experienced. Michele Wolff (owner) is also an author (Digestive Solutions - 101 proven methods to solve tummy problems naturally), senior lecturer and sought after speaker. We have over 20 years of experience helping heal the mind, body and spirit and it’s our aim to get to the cause, and resolve your problems.

We are highly experienced with all ages from young babies to the elderly. We use herbal medicine, expert dietary advice, nutrition, homeopathy and colonic hydrotherapy.

Services at Ultimate Detox Solutions include: Digestive Specialist, Naturopath, Closed Colonic Hydrotherapy, Indian Head Massage, Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Massage and Integrative Pathology Testing.

For Nourish Melbourne Members

Save $33 off your initial consult and receive a free copy of Michele's book, Digestive Solutions. Save 10% off all consults thereafter.