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Introducing Hypnoenergetics

Introducing Hypnoenergetics By Kirsty Osborne, Essentialist Hypnotherapy Hypnoenergetics is a relatively new and ground-breaking form of hypnotherapy that blends tried and trusted ...

Introducing Hypnoenergetics

Introducing Hypnoenergetics
By Kirsty Osborne, Essentialist Hypnotherapy

Hypnoenergetics is a relatively new and ground-breaking form of hypnotherapy that blends tried and trusted clinical hypnotherapy methods, deep energy work and consciousness to bring profound and long-lasting change.

Hypnoenergetics is one of the few modalities that allow you to self-explore and be empowered in your own healing by offering opportunities to create subconscious change in the form of new responses, beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours or feelings, which in turn create a positive change and heightened sense of wellbeing.

Hypnoenergetics takes a holistic approach to hypnotherapy, weaving across the four dimensions of who we are. These four dimensions are:

1. Our emotional landscape – or our experiences, how we feel about them and what we believe to be true about them.
2. Physical presence – embracing the body, intellect and personality.
3. Spiritual being – our immortal essence.
4. Energy field – connected to energy and insight beyond ourselves.

Hypnoenergetics acknowledges that we are energetic beings, holding all our experiences within our energy fields. We are constantly surrounded by our energy field and hence always surrounded by everything we have ever experienced, as well as the beliefs and feelings we store from those events.

The events of our lives are held within the immense storehouse that is our subconscious mind. This is where we hold our deepest fears as well as our greatest potential. Hypnoenergetics therapy works to reveal the limiting beliefs and trapped energy at the core of an issue, thereby creating the opportunity to transmute a painful or traumatic experience into a powerful one so that it can no longer be held in the same way.

Hypnoenergetics differs from traditional hypnotherapy in that it understands and acknowledges that our personal history, recorded subconsciously, is held in pockets of energy that can accumulate or compound over a lifetime. The intention of the Hypnoenergetics practitioner is to find the location of the energy and the belief that is attached to it and then release and replace that belief with what is revealed to be true and what will serve your highest good in your daily life. The Hypnoenergetics approach is also different from other forms of hypnotherapy in that it focuses on accessing a deeper truth and wisdom within you. This then triggers an energetic release that can literally transform your life.

In other words, Hypnoenergetics works to uncover the ‘core belief’ that is keeping you within a particular negative habit, addiction, emotion and more. It reveals the reason behind an issue and supports you to gain insight into the reason for its existence. This allows for a shift in energy and behaviour in the most profound and empowered way.

Unlike traditional hypnotherapy, Hypnoenergetics is client focused. Practitioners do not use scripts, instead connecting with the energy of their clients and following the weave of the four dimensions to track core beliefs and release these for profound healing. 

Many limiting beliefs stem from our experiences in our formative years, up to 10 years of age. It is during these early years that we form our sense of self-identity as well as our core beliefs, feelings, urges, habits and behaviours.

Through hypnosis, the conscious mind becomes more relaxed, allowing the contents of the subconscious mind to be more accessible. The subconscious mind is the storehouse of all our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, urges and memories that are outside our conscious awareness. The subconscious mind also holds all memories and past experiences, both those that have been repressed through trauma and those consciously forgotten or that are no longer important to us.

It’s from these memories and experiences that our beliefs, habits and behaviours are formed. The subconscious mind actually influences and drives 90-95 per cent of our behaviours. It is by utilising the subconscious through hypnosis to access the deeper unconscious part of our mind that we can explore and gain insights to create permanent, positive change.


Hypnoenergetics can help release addictions, habits, patterns and behaviours and more. Hypnoenergetics is profoundly and powerfully effective in assisting people to live their lives free of limitations, enabling them to live a life of authenticity and true purpose.


> Releasing and managing stress, anxiety, panic or depression
> Overcoming fears and phobias
> Overcoming addictions
> Chronic pain and health-related issues
> Weight loss and eating disorders
> Sleep difficulties
> Self-esteem and confidence issues
> Clearing traumas and life-debilitating experiences
> Anger, hurt, resentment, grief, fear and other negative emotions
> Relationship issues (past and present)
> Financial issues
> Performance, study, public speaking
> Achieving goals


Kirsty Porter Osborne is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnoenergetics Practitioner. She is a certified member of the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists (AACHP). She sees clients at The House of Life Clinic in Armadale and at her home in Malvern East.

All Nourish Melbourne members are entitled to 20 a per cent discount off their initial consultation and 10 per cent off subsequent consultations. Kirsty also offers an initial complimentary 15-minute consultation (either by phone or in person) should you wish to discuss how hypnotherapy can assist you.

For more information contact Kirsty on 0408 055 593 or email