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Here you will find our recommended resources to help you live in a toxic-free and healthy home, including toxic-free cleaning products, as well as organic, natural and ethical gift ideas and ways to build and add to a healthy kitchen.

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Hue and Flores

Hue and Flores

Hue and Flores

A collection of colour and flora inspired by the seaside.

Forever inspired by the mesmerising colours surrounding us in the tranquillity of nature, these wonderful hues are being craved during the difficult global pandemic we are enduring. Hue and Flores was established during a time when the collective world was propelled to stop and live a slower life.

Hue and Flores Australian made designs are inspired by seaside nature and its tranquil surrounds - salty sea air, calm ocean water, lush coastal vegetation.

The hand-poured creation of a Hue and Flores eco-friendly soy wax candle, using all natural ingredients, aims to make you feel good and brighten your home. Giving you greater piece of mind for a chemical free candle burning experience.

Our flora bloom bar offers beautiful dried floral stems in pre-arrangements to enhance your home sanctuary.

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Force of Life

Force of Life

Force of Life
131 Bluff Road Black Rock VIC 3193

Force of Life is Melbourne’s newest healing centre, offering Reiki, Crystal Healing, Traditional Ayurvedic Health and Life-coaching, with many more other modalities coming soon. Based in the beautiful Black Rock area, we share a site with one of the most spectacular crystals shops in Melbourne.  

At Force of Life, we know that good health is integral to a life of balance and bliss. With wellbeing at the centre of our healing space we offer a range of therapeutic modalities to benefit you on a subtle, emotional and physical level. Here at Force of Life, we believe that health and wellness is our natural birthright. Our incredible Holistic Health Practitioners are here to work with you, on your health journey, to bring you back into alignment with your own personal, inner healing Force of Life.

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MOVI Standing Desk

MOVI Standing Desk

401 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000
1800 931 887

At MOVI, we imagine a world where going to work at a desk makes you healthier.  Founded in Melbourne, our goal is to improve your wellbeing while you create, in a world where sedentary lifestyles are posing a serious health risk.

We have designed and engineered the MOVI Standing Desk. An electric, smart and eco solution converting any desk to be height adjustable.

Our MOVI Standing Desk offers you:

+ Ergonomic adjustability suiting users from 5’0” up to 6'4";
+ Simple one-touch electric lift;
+ A spacious working area perfect for dual monitors;
+ A natural bamboo bench top in your choice of black or white accents.
+ It also has programmable features such as a move reminder, height memory save, USB ports and power save.

MOVI’s design aim is to make movement easy so that standing becomes a natural part of your work day. Shop online at

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The 3pm Box

The 3pm Box

The 3pm Box

We've all been there. It's the time after lunch but before the end of the day, where we feel our eyes get heavy, and brain get foggy. But there's still work to do, so we reach for sugary treats or coffee in hope of a quick energy fix to get through to the end of the day.

What if we told you that feeling energised and motivated all day could be a part of your daily routine?

Angelica and Dorothy are Co-Founders of The 3pm Box who are seriously passionate about banishing The 3pm Slump from Australian homes and offices. As healthcare professionals and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches we provide education, motivation and the perfect 3pm Box to empower individuals and teams to BEAT THE 3PM SLUMP. We believe in a holistic approach encompassing diet, lifestyle, relationships, passions and behaviour - by understanding the science behind why we do the things we do.

As educators and accountability gurus we equip individuals and teams with the right tool kit to take their journey into their own hands, and show up energised and fulfilled in the workplace and lives, beyond 3pm.

What we offer:
+ Healthy treat gift boxes
+ Healthy treats and snacks for the office (team sized from 10-300+)
+ Health presentations (that can be accompanied with a treat and snack box)
+ Workshops to implement healthy habits into your day/week

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