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Learn to Meditate

Learn to Meditate with Natasha Mason Upcoming introduction talk: Monday 6th April 2020, 8-9pm ONLINE FREE registration. CLICK HERE to book your place. Presented by Founder of Nour...

Learn to Meditate

Learn to Meditate with Natasha Mason

Upcoming introduction talk:
Monday 6th April 2020, 8-9pm ONLINE

FREE registration. CLICK HERE to book your place.

Presented by Founder of Nourish Melbourne, and Meditation Teacher, Natasha Mason

Our individual wellbeing is our most important asset. Learn how we can cultivate greater self awareness and deep rest with meditation.

Has 'Learn to Meditate' been on your to-do list for some time?

Our individual wellbeing is our most important asset.

Our individual wellbeing is paramount for the wellbeing of the collective.

Join Natasha online for a free introductory talk about meditation, the nature of the mind, redefining wellbeing and why we need to start dissolving stress with a daily meditation practice.

Natasha will share more about the technique which she teaches - one that is effortless in its practice and actually cultivates greater self awareness and causes a profound state of deep rest that removes the stress in our system.

When we combine expanding our self awareness with the removal of stress what we do is that we create a level of vitality and clarity in our system that empowers us to redirect our lives in ways we want them to go. We start claiming our life back from the negative impacts of stress, and start leading our life from a place of creative desire from what we actually want to experience in our life.

Natasha will share more about her upcoming Learn to Meditate course which will be delivered online in 3 x 90 minute sessions, on 13-15 April (8-9.30pm each evening).



Natasha Mason is the Founder and Director of Nourish Melbourne. Nourish Melbourne is a carefully curated community of all things wellness, offers Melbourne’s and Australia’s only holistic health membership and is a wellness focussed event provider. As wellness is becoming such a large priority in our lives, the Nourish Melbourne Membership complements this to give you access to tailored workshops and events, incentives when you access any one of over 100+ trusted services, stores and products, and access to a supportive community.

Before Nourish Melbourne, Natasha worked as a Marketing and Communications Consultant following study with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK). Natasha also holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Deakin University majoring in Nutrition, Sport Science and Health Promotion. Natasha is a Meditation Teacher and qualified in both Reiki level 1 & 2 and has completed Mental Health First Aid training with Mental Health First Aid Australia.

It is Natasha's mission to enable self-compassion and self-love to flourish within individuals. Natasha is able to deliver this, not only through the well-being products and services offered through the Nourish Melbourne community, but with the addition of integrating this effortless meditation technique.

Natasha lives in Bayside Melbourne with her husband and two children.

>>> 13 April - 15 April 2020 ONLINE
8-9.30pm Monday 13th April
8-9.30pm Tuesday 14th April
8-9.30pm Wednesday 15th April

>>> 27 - 29 April 2020 ONLINE
8-9.30pm Monday 27th April
8-9.30pm Tuesday 28th April
8-9.30pm Wednesday 29th April

Prefer to learn 1:1? Please email Natasha for further details about learning to meditate in a private setting.

Over 3 x 90-min sessions over three consecutive days, you’ll learn to meditate on your own with an easy and effortless technique that has profound results.

Benefits of this course, and of introducing a meditation practice to your day:

1. Effortless technique
2. Anyone can learn it – no previous experience required.
3. Causes deep rest, recovery from fatigue and stress
4. Increases present moment awareness
5. Increases self-confidence
6. Increases your capacity to meet challenges and demands with a creative perspective rather than being reactive
7. Makes you more adaptable to unmet expectations
8. You’re more easily able to recover from unmet expectations
9. Enables you to embrace the reality of what’s going on more easily.

The technique is:
> Great for people who have never meditated.
> Simple to learn, effortless to practice.
> Easy to make into a daily habit on your own.
> Perfect for people who believe they could never meditate because they are restless and can't calm their mind.
> Perfect for people with busy lives.
> Not religious.
> Requires no focus or control.
> Can be done anywhere, anytime.


You will learn the technique during the first session, we’ll meditate together, followed by discussing our meditation experiences. Natasha will give a discourse about the five functions of the mind and our natural intelligence. You will then be given Natasha's meditation recommendations and be prescribed your home practice.

During the second session we will come together again to share our experiences of meditating on our own, we will meditate together, we will share experiences and then discuss how we can go about making meditation a daily habit. Natasha will also talk about stress and redefining wellbeing.

During the third session, we’ll once again discuss our home practice with the group, meditate together and Natasha will then offer a discourse on being. We will talk about the importance of ‘being' in our life and how meditation grows the experience of it. We’ll talk about how to establish being, recognise being and what being in our daily life.

By the end of the course, you will have gained not only expert guidance on a simple yet profound technique, but the knowledge through your direct experience with the technique as well as the course content. Once you've completed this course (as with in person courses), you will have ongoing contact with Natasha to guide you where and however you need, as well as regular group meditation sessions and a private Facebook group where Natasha share's content, knowledge and wisdom to keep you connected with your practice.


$330 incl. GST $230 incl. GST for online courses
Nourish Melbourne Members: $295 incl. GST $195 incl. GST for online courses

Register via the link beneath the respective course date you'd like to complete above.

OR pay what you feel! Can't afford the full price right now? You will presented with a price scale of suggested prices within the registration form (linked beneath each course date above). $33? $55? $122? See the registration form for options. If you're keen to learn during April and May during online course delivery, you will choose what is right for you!


“Natasha is the embodiment of everything I hope to achieve from a consistent meditation practice. Her calm, gentle energy together with her genuine passion and dedication to her own practice, made her the perfect teacher to re inspire me to connect back to mine. I loved her non judgmental and inclusive approach, making the course suitable for beginners as well as those who simply need a reminder to make their meditation practice more of a habit. She infuses the course with wisdom from her own experiences and life learnings, making this far more than simply a learn to meditate course. I'd feel extremely confident recommending her course to any of my patients as well as my family and friends.” 
- Elise Grauer, Naturopath and owner of Bodhi Wellness

"Life changing! Natasha's guidance was exceptional. Would definitely recommend." - Lauren C

"The course was such a beautiful experience, I was completely surprised by how much I would engage with the course and instantly felt I wanted to learn more and incorporate it into my everyday life. Natasha is a very engaged and knowledgeable instructor, she naturally created a space that was inviting & wanting you to learn and connect more with others and yourself. I highly recommend the course if you are interested in wanting to explore meditation and incorporating it into your life. It is more than just a course on how to meditate, it was a wonderful experience". - Zoe E

"After years of trying to teach myself meditation through various apps and never really getting it I found this course to be the breakthrough that I needed to fully understand the benefits of meditation and learn how to do it. The course content was simple and effective yet intimate and personal. On completion of the course I now feel confident on how to bring meditation into my everyday life. I will be forever grateful for being taught such a precious life skill." - Kate Liscombe, Marketing & BD Consultant

"Natasha had a very composed and welcoming approach which in turn definitely made the experience of the sessions very effortless and rejuvenating. Learning the technique she taught has been a very fulfilling investment in myself. Thank you." - Kritika S

"Natasha’s meditation course was a real eye opener for me. I tend to worry/stress a lot about negative work and personal experiences. The course made me help to handle this in a better way and work on self reflection. Natasha is a genuine caring person and will make you feel loved and comfortable during her sessions." - Eleonora

"Thank you Tash for the prompt (and permission!) to just stop and be - not once but twice a day. And the reminder of the benefits of doing nothing when we're all so busy doing everything. This course delivered so much more than a meditation app - there were opportunities to discuss our experiences with other wonderful humans, all on similar journeys, as well as the different ways we can all incorporate better self care and meditation practises into our lives. I loved this course not only for what I learnt about the practise of meditation but also the everyday ways I can better take care of me and (I hope!) make this a lifelong habit. Thank you Tash for being our teacher." - Elizabeth L

"After years of using every meditation app available I felt I had exhausted the digital world and still wasn’t even sure if I was doing it right. Now, thanks to some 1-on-1 coaching by Natasha, I have an in-depth understanding of how to properly undertake my meditation and what to expect. Natasha has given me a renewed passion and, since doing the course, I have meditated twice a day, everyday and am thoroughly enjoying it." - Craig Withers, Founder, Urban Escape