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Here you will find our recommended natural health therapists in Melbourne (including Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists, Remedial Massage Therapists, Myotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Acupuncturists, and Kinesiologists), as well as recommended fitness and yoga studios in Melbourne and Personal Trainers in Melbourne.

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The Naturopathic Co.

The Naturopathic Co.

The Naturopathic Co.
Modern naturopathy for women + children
Suite 1, 54 Davis Avenue, South Yarra, VIC 3141
1300 280 509
Facebook @TheNaturopathic.Co
Instagram @The_Naturopathic_Co

At The Naturopathic Co. we are passionate about supporting women and children in regaining vibrant health and wellbeing. We combine our love of natural therapies with modern and sophisticated functional testing to rebalance and restore the body.

Modern women face high levels of stress, minimal downtime, superwoman expectations, anxiety, and chronically poor sleep. Digestive symptoms, fatigue, hair loss, menstrual cycle irregularities, and skin issues are your body’s way of telling you that something has gone off track. We help you understand why you’re feeling unwell, and then work alongside you to restore balance with a personalised treatment plan.

Yvette is a qualified Melbourne-based Naturopath and Nutritionist, MINDD Practitioner, member of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia, and Complementary Medicine Association. Yvette specialises in the treatment of conditions commonly affecting women and children, with a key interest in children’s digestive and neurological conditions, as well as women’s hormonal concerns, digestive issues, fatigue, anxiety, and skin concerns. Yvette loves approaching holistic beauty, health, and wellness from the inside out.

The Naturopathic Co. consultations are in-person at our clinic in South Yarra, Melbourne, as well as Australia-wide via Skype, Zoom, or phone.

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Urban Zen Yoga

Urban Zen Yoga

Urban Zen Yoga
547 Highett Road Highett VIC 3192

Urban Zen offers a variety of Yoga and Pilates classes to reconnect, rejuvenate and relax.

This contemporary space pays homage to the ancient origins of the yoga practice, encouraging both beginner and advanced yogis to delve deeper into their spiritual being, discovering inner calm, strength and vitality that yoga offers. The practitioner is enveloped by a sense of calm, much like a cocoon, allowing for rebirth and regeneration of all the senses.

Experience the benefits that Yoga, Pilates and Meditation have to offer and observe your transformation.

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Richmond VIC 3121

Specialising in face and body Endermologie treatments for lymphatic stimulation and cellular regeneration.

Santé provides a space for people to stimulate their senses, explore the mind-body connection, and feel energised and grounded.

Endermologie uses mechanical manipulation of the skin and underlying connective tissue (fascia) to promote vibrant health and reveal inner radiance.

At Santé, we use the latest Cellu M6 Alliance LPG Endermologie machine manufactured in France and backed by over 145 scientific studies.

Although the treatment works on the skin, it triggers physiological responses deep down to provide a range of health and beauty benefits.

Benefits include:

+ Stimulating circulation
+ Activating lymphatic drainage
+ Reducing fluid retention
+ Improving skin tone, texture + wrinkles
+ Reducing cellulite
+ Stimulating the breakdown of fat cells
+ Assisting detoxification + reducing inflammation
+ Calming the nervous system + boosting energy

Best of all, our treatments are non-invasive, 100% natural and support the body’s own healing mechanisms.

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Muka Face Massage

Muka Face Massage

Muka Face Massage
Mobile face massage therapist
0413 746 696

Welcome to Muka, home of the only natural face lift and rejuvenation massage in Melbourne. We provide mobile massage services in the comfort of your home so you are left relaxed and able to enjoy the full benefits of the treatment, or in our home based studio in Armadale.

Muka is built on the belief that massage and touch promotes wellness to both body and mind. Our face massage is a deeply relaxing holistic treatment based on Ayurveda methods to naturally lift and tighten face muscles. This gentle non-invasive massage softens fine lines and wrinkles while encouraging better circulation and lymphatic drainage. Benefits are visible after the first treatment and you can expect better sleep and relaxation for a few days after.

Your treatment:
Nina is a certified Ayurveda face therapist and has worked on young and mature clients as well as patients with long term illnesses in need of care and relief.

The treatment involves a rosewater cleanse followed by an hour of specific hand massage techniques using no product. Towards the end of the treatment while your skin is warm a nourishing organic face serum is applied. We end with a soothing head, neck and hand massage for total relaxation.

To book: email Nina at or call 0413 746 696

Please note that in home treatments are only serviced up to a 15km radius from Armadale VIC.

For Nourish Melbourne Members

> New clients/first treatment: $60

> Ongoing: $80 per treatment

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