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What are you vibrating? The Law of Attraction

What are you vibrating? The Law of Attraction. By Alice Nicholls, The Whole Daily WHAT SHIT ARE YOU INVITING INTO YOUR LIFE? My three-year-old daughter Holly had an accident two we...

What are you vibrating? The Law of Attraction

What are you vibrating? The Law of Attraction.

By Alice Nicholls, The Whole Daily


My three-year-old daughter Holly had an accident two weeks ago. A supermarket electric sliding door ran over her foot and tore the whole big nail from the nail bed, as well as slicing the top off her toe. Sounds gross? It was. I was in shock and as I raced her to aisle three and began ripping open packets of kitchen towel to mop up the blood running down both of the legs of my little girl, she howled.

This was my first experience with her feeling deep physical pain and I was numb. I just wanted to reach inside her body, pull the pain out and stroke her until she felt warm and comfortable again. My baby girl.

Twenty-four hours later, one doctor, two hospitals and a lot of tears and we were home to recuperate. Or that’s how I saw it.

It was from then on I started getting lessons from the event rolling in and I want to share what I feel is the most important lesson from a shit circumstance that can cross over into all aspects of out lives.

Upon recounting the story to the first four people I spoke to, I received a very similar response.


“You could, you should.”

Well… ummm… errr – Holly is fine thanks. No, we won’t be suing.

The supermarket manager was very concerned. He took our details, gave us presents, kept in contact and asked specific questions that rang the bell in my mind that he was in ‘damage control’ at the risk of us bringing a law suit against the supermarket.

Yes, had there been a safety guard, a door with a different angle or a safety mechanism in place it wouldn’t have happened. But on the flip side, Holly just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Accident. That’s all it was.

And the reason I wouldn’t even for a second think about suing?

I choose not to invite negative energy into my life because I create the circumstances in my life and the tone of how they flow.

Everything is energy, including us. We are always vibrating something. What we focus attention on determines how we are vibrating. By focusing attention on the heart of who we are, our whole being begins to vibrate more expansively. Then, since like attracts like, we draw to ourselves any and all things that are in sync with this expansive heart energy. We experience an increase in love, light, joy, wellbeing, creativity, exuberance, prosperity, gratitude and an ever-deepening, awe-filled awareness of who we are.


Science confirms the Law of Attraction. Plato, Newton, Carnegie, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Einstein and many spiritual masters spoke of the Law of Attraction, even though at the time they may not have been able to name it as such. They realised that all living things have their own individual energy signature, or vibration. What we put our focus on is where our vibrational energy sits, and this can be positive or negative.

When we invite loving moments into our lives – the beauty of the earth, sunrise, sunsets, babies, kittens, blossoms or fresh rain on the ground – the vibrational focus is on love. We revel and expand with it; in it. Though just the same, when we focus on negativity in our lives – litigation, dwelling on pain, past occurrences, lack of forgiveness, bitterness and hate – we spark these vibrational forces within ourselves and radiate them out to others.

Have you ever noticed that someone who is always angry seems to attract anger into their lives? And someone who is always upbeat and brimming with energy has great things happen to them. This is not simply a coincidence.

Can you begin to imagine the negative energy, the drain that would occur if we took a supermarket to court? Lawyers, doctors all needing to talk to my girl, myself and the people in the supermarket at the time. Revisiting the whole sad event. We would be radiating that pain again and again. We would be manifesting that pain emotionally again and again. For what?


Is that it?

Because it sure wouldn’t be bringing us love, happiness or healing (and neither does money).

I choose to teach my children to make decisions from love and not fear and not to dwell in the past. Which is already what this is. I choose to invite colour, creativity, passion, healing, LOVE – always love – into my life.

One of my favourite quotes is this one:


― Anne Lamott

You know the first person who forgot about the whole event? Holly. Of course. Children have a wonderful, amazing ability to live in the present moment. We could all learn a lot from this sweet ability.

When you feel the need to ‘rebel’ or give some back that you feel you got given in a negative way – hurt, pain, rejection, dismissal, wrong doings – this invites negativity into your own life. If you carry around bitterness to someone, something or yourself, it radiates outside of you and onto others. Whether they become consciously aware of this or not, often positive people will feel compelled to leave you well alone. Put quite simply, your ‘mojo’ is out!

A good example of this type of ‘mojo’ at play is the person who so desperately wants to find a loving partner though has the ‘worst luck’ with partners. It’s not that the person themselves are necessarily ‘bad’, it’s that their energy is in the wrong place. They are vibrating a force that is unpleasant to the most attractive (positive) people, and so they often find themselves in relationships with those who are in similar negative energy circumstances, and this isn’t good for either party.

How do you feel about the energy you vibrate?


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