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Save your skin this winter

Save your skin this winter Jenae French, Your Beauty Spot   We know all about the winter blues and how we can not only feel lifeless, but look dull and tired as well. I’m ...

Save your skin this winter

Save your skin this winter
Jenae French, Your Beauty Spot


We know all about the winter blues and how we can not only feel lifeless, but look dull and tired as well. I’m here to tell you how to get that life, glow and bounce back into your winter skin. Let your skin break free and become the most hydrated and glowing skin ever with these few simple tips and tricks.



  • Exfoliate at home once a week- Try using a product that contains naturally sourced exfoliating beads. We have seen in the media lately the horrific effect synthetic, plastic exfoliating beads are having on our oceans. They are washed out to sea with our bath water, never break down and end up in sea creatures’ tummies. Look for a product with perfectly circular beads, this will mean no harsh scratching that you can get with crushed up seashells or apricot kernels.


  • Use a natural hydrating mask at least once a week- Preferably on the same day you exfoliate. This will allow deeper penetration of the nourishing ingredients.


  • Use jojoba oil- Jojoba oil will help protect your skin from the cold and give you loads of hydration. Moisture is the key to keeping your skin happy during winter. Apply a few drops of this miracle oil every morning and night and you will be amazed by the youthful plumpness it will give you.


  • Keep those lips lusciously hydrated with a natural lip balm- Most commercial lip balms contain petroleum jelly (petrol) and the more you apply, the more dehydrated your lips get. Sound familiar? Make the switch to a chemical-free lip balm today.


  • Spoil yourself with an in-salon facial- Spoil yourself with an in-salon facial to hydrate and stimulate, preferably using natural products. This will not only uplift your dull, irritated skin, it will help to uplift your soul, too. Nick off winter blues!



  • Exfoliate your body- Use an exfoliating glove over your entire body once or twice a week to remove any dull, dead skin cells. Wash your gloves in the washing machine at least once a week. No, they don’t get washed in the shower every time you use them; they actually become more and more germy as they clog up with more dead skin and stay wet, allowing bacteria to grow. Gross, hey?


  • Moisturise- Apply a luxurious body butter to your entire body morning and night and by the time summer arrives, you will have the best looking legs in town.



  • Load your hands up with a beautiful, natural hand cream before bed and pop some cotton gloves over the top. When you wake up, your hands will look and feel as soft as a baby’s bum.



REMOVE THE CHEMICALS from your daily regime products so your body doesn’t have to process these chemicals while also trying to make beautiful, healthy skin.

Don’t know where to start? As your old commercial brand skin care products run out, swap over to a more natural alternative. Your skin and health will definitely thank you for it. Over and over again we are hearing that our personal care and make-up products are full of cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting ingredients. Please say NO to sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, artificial preservatives, artificial colours, parabens and synthetic fragrances. (Did you know that the ingredient ‘fragrance’ can consist of up to 400 chemicals?)

Winter is the time when we feel like drinking more tea and coffee to warm up. What a lot of people don’t realise is that every cup of tea or coffee dehydrates you around two to three cups of water, so please, remember to top up again. Herbal teas are a great pick-me-up alternative to coffee and black tea.

As I’m sure you have figured out, I am a believer in looking after yourself naturally. Why fill our bodies with unnecessary chemicals? Following these simple steps will help you glow and be in control of what you allow to penetrate your skin.



Jenae French is the founder, head beauty therapist and skincare formulator at Your Beauty Spot (YBS) Beauty Salons. She believes in the importance of nourishing your skin with only natural and pure skincare products, and it was this belief that drove her to formulate her own line of products that are 100% natural containing only Australian ingredients, and are NOT tested on animals. The products are are used and sold in salon and are also now available online

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