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It’s nearly SPRING. Are you ready?

it's nearly SPRING. Are you ready? Belinda Llewellyn, Gaia Natural Medicine   Spring’s just around the corner! For most of us it’s a magical time but, for others it’s o...

It’s nearly SPRING. Are you ready?

it's nearly SPRING. Are you ready?
Belinda Llewellyn, Gaia Natural Medicine


Spring’s just around the corner!

For most of us it’s a magical time but, for others it’s overwhelming as it signifies the beginning of hay fever season and all the symptoms that go along with it, or a reminder that summer is just around the corner and “how am I going to lose those extra kilos I’ve put on over winter?”



As a naturopath I’m a big fan of living in tune with nature and particularly the seasons.

Autumn and winter are the best times for ‘withdrawing’ to restore energy and vitality. While the energies of spring and summer, are more ‘outgoing’, and for celebrating life.

In winter, I recommend staying home and going to bed early along with warm nourishing slow cooked foods. It’s a time for extra rest and time-out to reconnect with what’s important to you.

So, come spring you’re ready to embrace more activity with increased social engagements and lighter, fresher raw foods. It’s a time for new beginnings, fresh starts and creating space to grow and achieve goals.



Unfortunately, come spring time most of us feel sluggish and completely disconnected with the present moment of our life.

Due to the busy pace of life it’s tricky to slow down and give ourselves what we need, over the winter months, so we end up craving foods high in fat, sugar and starch just to keep ourselves going. These foods end up disrupting body processes including our hormones leading to feelings of sadness and unease in our bodies.



This above is why most naturopaths recommend a ‘detox’ in spring, which will address three main sources of toxins 1) physical: body, mind, emotions 2) environmental and 3) spiritual.



That sluggish feeling is generally a sign that the organs that eliminate toxins from the body (gut, liver, kidneys, skin & lungs) are burdened, whilst thoughts of being ‘over winter’ and feelings of overwhelm or simply not coping are generally the consequence of hormonal imbalances.

A naturopath can help by pointing you in the right direction, in regards to specific foods, exercise, relaxation, herbs and supplements that support detoxification processes and hormonal balance.

This will naturally increase your mood and energy levels, which will lead to a more positive outlook on life, better coping strategies plus reduce the occurrence and severity of hay fever symptoms and encourage healthy weight loss.



Toxins are all around us. From the food we eat, to the offices we work in and the air we breathe. Along with products we use on our skin and in our homes.

We can’t always change what’s around, but we can choose products that are free of nasties for ourselves and our homes. We can also avoid pre-packaged foods, and where possible buy organic produce or better still grow your own – all you need are some pots, quality soil, water and sunlight.

Then we can take time to de-clutter our homes and create space for the new. Give away old, unworn clothes. Pull out the weeds in your garden. Clean away cobwebs from the ceiling....



When we’re busy we don’t allow ourselves time to stop and before we know it we’re taking on all sorts of pressures and concerns that may not belong to us. This creates toxic emotions like resentment, anger and frustration.

So, it’s important as part of this detox process to support yourself energetically. Allow yourself time to just BE. Have some kinesiology sessions or join a yoga or meditation class.



A spring detox is really an overhaul of your entire life so it’s best to have a plan and prepare for the process. Here are SIX STEPS you can do now:

  1. Start by reducing the amount of coffee, alcohol, sugar and refined carbohydrates you are eating.
  2. For the final weeks of winter, get some extra sleep and rest.
  3. If you haven’t been exercising then set up a plan maybe with a friend or personal trainer.
  4. Find and book into a yoga class.
  5. Organise an appointment with a naturopath.
  6. Locate a health store or supermarket near you that stocks organic and alternative grain and dairy products.

For maximum benefit, I would highly recommend not scheduling too many social events for at least 4-6 weeks. Make this your sacred time, so by the time spring racing and party season comes around you’ll look and feel fabulous.

For extra motivation and TLC you may want to consider being part of a health retreat. Checkout the one I’m running with Heather Smith from Nourish Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching in October,



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