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Why do I meditate?

Why do I meditate? By Erin Kyna, Erin Kyna Life Coaching This question aroused such a strong answer within me, and yet I could not answer it. The feeling arose from my heart, and m...

Why do I meditate?

Why do I meditate?
By Erin Kyna, Erin Kyna Life Coaching

This question aroused such a strong answer within me, and yet I could not answer it. The feeling arose from my heart, and my head could not describe it.

So I meditated on it. And I didn’t want to stop.

Meditation is my solace. It is my access to my higher self, to Source, and to the realm of spirit. It gives me a sense of connectedness with All That Is. The separation between the world and myself dissolves, leaving nothing but energy.

In this state I recognise myself for who I truly am. I am spirit, an energy, far bigger than my human self. I can look down and see my tiny body in the distance, in which I surely cannot be contained? How can I, as an infinite spiritual being, be contained within this tiny physical housing? Here in this body, we forget. We live in a state of forgetfulness of who we really are and what we are capable of. We are born with an unlimited potential, and yet we are limited. Limited by our mind, our belief systems, and our conditioning that we are not good enough. A conditioning that is epidemic in our world.

Through the practice of meditation I can see beyond these limiting beliefs, beyond these ‘truths’ that I have come to accept, and I realise that there is no truth. There is no absolute truth, here in the realm of relativity. Only a perspective. A perspective of right, or wrong. Of good, or bad. Of light, or dark. When I meditate I see things from a higher perspective, rather than one of judgement. I see things from an angle of love, of acceptance, of surrender. I see that no thing in this world is only right. Or is only wrong. What is right for me is wrong for another. What is bad for me is good for another. Therefore I release my ideas, my rigidity, and my judgements, and I find peace with everything, exactly as it is.

I feel my body surrender, my cells surrender, and my heart surrender. All the guards and the barriers I have subconsciously built around me to protect myself from the harshness of the world melt away, and I feel myself in union with the divine. This connection starts in the depths of my heart and radiates outwards.  A merging of light, and dissolution of darkness.

I arrive in meditation with my pain, my confusion, my judgement. With a tightness in my chest, a sickness in my belly, tears in my eyes. What ever I am carrying I bring it with me and offer it up. I can feel the energy move from my body and my mind, and it is replaced with a clarity. An understanding of why. I see the lesson, I understand the purpose. I am no longer in the midst of a problem, but rather on the edge of opportunity. Opportunity to be a greater version of myself. I return from my meditation with gratitude, with love, with peace.  An all-pervading sense of peace, unshakable and unquestionable. It returns me to my true state of being. Who I am before the world makes its way in and disrupts me.

And hence my desire to meditate frequently. As a highly sensitive being, I feel the weight of the world; I feel the energy, and quite often the pain, of the world around me. I can get lost in my thoughts, in my doubts and fears, and meditation returns me to peace.

Meditation is my portal to the divine. When I have reached that state, I have gone so deep, I feel myself drop. In that moment it takes my breath away. It brings tears to my eyes, and I feel myself supported and held, like I am being cradled in the palm of the divine. I realise how infinite I am, and how powerful we are.

I don’t remember when I started to meditate. We did some meditation in high school in 1999. I have always been looking for God, for spirit, ever since I was a young child and being raised in an Atheist family, and meditation has led me there. My personal practice has come and gone, flowing in and out of my life. However, now after many years, I can drop deeply into meditation without any effort or striving. It is always with me, being carried in my pocket, ready for me whenever I need to call upon it.

Meditating has facilitated some very strong psychic experiences and visions. My intuition is significantly heightened and my life is in flow. I am very careful with my thoughts, as I manifest my wishes very easily, so if I think too much about what I don’t want, I just as easily manifest that, rather than manifesting what I do want. When I am meditating, opportunities, clients, resources fall in my lap, without effort. I am humbled and grateful for how easily I can attract what I ask for.

My relationships are improved as I become less reactive and more peaceful. My mind is clearer and I understand myself better, as my emotions are more stable and consistent.

And yet no words can accurately describe the experience, the knowingness and the connection that meditation brings to my life. It is one of the most nourishing and rewarding aspects of my life, for which I will be eternally grateful.

Why do I meditate? How can I not?


Need some inspiration to start meditating? We love the Smiling Mind and 1 Giant Mind Apps. Both Apps are free and easy to use, either guiding you or leaving you to take your own meditation path.


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