Wellness beauty rituals

Wellness Beauty Rituals

Wellness Beauty Rituals

Wellness Beauty Rituals is your go-to online shopping destination for soulful beauty and lifestyle products that are consciously curated, sustainably sourced and infused with love.

Founded by Australian, Marie Masia, Wellness Beauty Rituals was born from a desire to share the most beautiful, natural and certified organic products on the market.

From crystals to aura mists, meditation tools, organic smudging botanicals, skin care, bath salts, and more, you'll find everything you need to start or maintain your wellness journey.

Wellness Beauty Rituals have carefully hand-selected every product to ensure they’re cruelty-free, sustainably sourced, good for the environment and safe for you and your family to use. Every order is hand-packaged with love, care and attention to detail. Join them on your wellness journey and nourish your mind, body and spirit with daily ceremonies for the soul. You deserve it!

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One Fine Secret

One Fine Secret

One Fine Secret
Level 3 (301), 20-22 McKillop St, Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9602 5666

Discover Clean Beauty.

Our clean beauty store takes you beyond natural and organic to the healthiest mindful creations.

We carefully curate our collection of beautiful skincare, makeup and body products, ensuring that they are all strictly:

+ 100% No Nasties
+ Free of known or suspected harmful chemicals. Our health and our planet deserve better.
+ 100% Cruelty Free
+ 100% Performance You’ll Love
+ Only pure, effective and sensual beauty products make our cut.

Visit our Melbourne CBD store or shop online to discover award-winning brands and cult natural beauty products from around the globe that use the latest green science technology combined with potent organic ingredients. Ingredients lovingly grown under pristine conditions to deliver your skin the richest nutrients and potent bioactives, enhancing your natural glow inside and out. 

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Bat Your Lash

Bat Your Lash

Bat Your Lash
109 Greville Street Prahran VIC 3181
9521 5426

“Where Beauty Meets Health”

Lashes * Henna Brows * Manicure *  Pedicure *  Waxing * Threading * Make-up.

Nestled between espresso saloons and fashion stores, Bat Your Lash is a place where “beauty meets health”, a wellness destination formulated to please the modern woman.

Each Bat Your Lash technician acts as the Marry Poppins of the boutique, with a bottomless bag of skills, a personable nature and gentleness that only comes with being an expert.  With a snap of their fingers, the team can tidy anything from a bushy brow to an angular nail.

Here, services include eyelash extensions, henna brows, manicures, waxing, threading, makeup and services you never even knew existed like their unique copper pedicure lounge. However the experience is more than the grooming, it’s the feeling of clarity, purity and calmness – a space that cares for your mind as well as your body.

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The Organic Therapist

The Organic Therapist

The Organic Therapist
Upstairs, 19 Glen Eira Rd Ripponlea
0424 100 362
Book online at heavenlyrituals.com.au

Treat your mind, body and soul to a divine experience from The Organic Therapist who offers heavenly rituals for your face and body as well as specialised treatments for pre and post pregnancy.

Meet Lindy, The Organic Therapist who has been working in holistic skin therapy for over 25 years. She’s  witnessed first hand how natural and organic products applied through an intuitive, personalised approach can bring about great change to people's skin health and emotional wellbeing.

“Be kinder to yourself, and then let your kindness flood the world” is the mantra that Lindy lives by and you can feel it in each of her treatments. When you arrive you are welcomed into an oasis of relaxation, rejuvenation and bliss where Lindy will take complete care of you and your skin.

Each treatment is tailored to the individual. Lindy works exclusively with organic, sustainable, vegan and herbal ingredients in all of her treatments. She also has developed her own range of products, Skin Hero, that have been specially formulated for you to take home and integrate into your self-care practice.

With kindness, knowledge and intuition, Lindy hopes to guide her clients to healthy skin that feels good to live in.

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New Moon Blends

New Moon Blends

New Moon Blends

New Moon Blends started in 2016 when Alana (Founder) was frustrated at the inability to find reasonably-priced beauty products which were free of chemicals but with medicinal properties. This spurred her to start her own range of natural, organic products made with no additives or preservatives.

New Moon Blends is all about going back to our roots and using herbs and plants as medicine to nourish the skin, body and soul.

All products are Australian sourced and free from chemicals, parabens, fillers and other nasties. Everything is packaged in glass and we offer 20% off when you return the glass bottle with your next order.

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15% off all orders at newmoonblends.com

Skin Angel

Skin Angel

Skin Angel
1206 High Street Armadale VIC 3143
03 9500 2040

Angelina a renowned skin professional - providing expert advice, sophisticated clinical skin treatments, with realistic expectations. Skin Angel specialises in clinical beauty combining non-surgical aesthetic procedures with traditional beauty treatments.

Our corrective laser and light therapies are the most advanced medical grade lasers and modalities of today's technology. We utilise these modern technologies to treat skin concerns such as fine lines & wrinkles, open pores, pigmentation, vessels, acne, scarring, rosacea, eczema & dermatitis. 

At Skin Angel, Angelina creates unique individual treatment plans to address your skin concerns. Prescribing state of the art technologies with science-based cosmeceutical skin care formulations, herbal concoctions, and potent inner beauty powders and elixirs to feed skin from within, treating a myriad of skin conditions and concerns.

Skin Angel believes the best skin comes from treating the inside and the outside. Our skin is the outermost reflection of our health and Angelina encouraged taking a preventative approach.

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Babs Bodycare

Babs Bodycare


Babs Bodycare began in 2014 when Andrea, founder and creator, started making her own natural deodorant, after a long ongoing search for a completely natural product that actually worked.

The range expanded to include products that helped Andrea’s own problematic skin, having suffered from acne and hormonal break outs while working to keep skin balanced and glowing.

All products are hand crafted in small batches in St Kilda, using pure, natural and ethically sourced ingredients. Babs Bodycare is proudly free from palm oil, petrochemcials, mineral oils, synthetic preservatives and fragrances, PEG’s, Parabens, Phthalates and other nasties. Products are packaged in glass and all materials used are either recycled & reused, recyclable, re-useable and/or biodegradable.

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20% off all orders at babsbodycare.com.au
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Alcedonia Laser Clinic

Alcedonia Laser Clinic

Level 2, 21 Burwood Road Hawthorn VIC 3205

Ally Irving founded Alcedonia in 2012 as she saw an ever increasing need for more targeted medical and cosmetic solutions with minimal downtime to fit in with today’s busy family and work schedules.

Situated within the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM), Ally focuses solely on non-surgical laser based treatments and their outcomes. She is a passionate believer in working with the body’s natural ability to heal and produce new healthy tissue purely by using the power of laser light combined with a healthy lifestyle.

With a particular interest in women’s gynaecological health, Ally has been offering laser treatments to improve symptoms such as vaginal atrophy for post-menopausal women and those that have had hormone dependant cancer as well as treatments for stress urinary incontinence, vaginal relaxation syndrome and prolapse.

Ally knows that everybody (and Every Body) is different so she develops detailed individual treatment plans with all her patients based on their concerns, indications and needs. Your first visit with Ally will consist of a thorough consultation, lengthy chat and any required patch tests.

With a background in laser safety, dermal science and information technology, Ally is dedicated to continuing her education. She stays up to date with current research and developments within her field and integrative medicine.

> Acne and acne scarring
> Scars and stretch-marks
> Stress urinary incontinence, vaginal atrophy, vaginal laxity & pelvic prolapse
> Warts
> Onychomycosis (nail fungus)
> Facial and leg spider veins
> Skin irregularities - rosacea, pigmentation, sun damage, enlarged pores
> Fine lines and wrinkles
> Hair removal

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A free initial consultation, 25% off first treatment, 10% off treatments thereafter and 25% their next treatment following referral of a friend.

Rasasara_NM site



Rasasara Skinfood has manufactured & supplied the health & wellness industry with premium Ayurvedic skincare since 2003. 

Wholly Australian made and owned, Rasasara Skinfood is a brand committed to promoting beauty & wellbeing with handcrafted, edible, organic & cruelty-free products. A prescriptive range of face, body & hair care, ingredients of the highest quality nourish the skin whilst offering traditional Ayurvedic healing to the body, mind & spirit.

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Dr Abbie Acupuncture_NM site

Dr Abbie Acupuncture

1/100 Barkly Street St. Kilda VIC 3182

Better than Botox, less dangerous than fillers, longer lasting than lipstick. Meet Dr Abbie Cloherty of Dr Abbie Acupuncture!

Are a few lines getting you down? Have you been looking for an alternative to going under the knife or chemical injections? Are you interested in a natural option to feel and look your best...that actually works? 

Enjoy all the benefits of looking your best and still able to move your face!

Wipe years of stress off your complexion and bring back the zen bubble that you used to once live in.

Using ancient face reading techniques and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr Abbie looks deeply into your health systems to restore and balance your inner vitality which reflects in your face.

You'll be amazed at what Dr Abbie can achieve.

Dr Abbie gets pure unadulterated joy of achieving real results with cosmetic acupuncture to create facial rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, plump lips, tight jaw line and plush skin, scaling back the tension, tiredness and worry that you have been shouldering for the past few years. 

Dr Abbie gives people this every day. It’s not just a minor boost injection. It’s giving you the tools and confidence to transform and be more YOU than ever before. Not only do you get to feel good, but you can look good, too.

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Freyas Nourishment_NM site

Freya’s Nourishment


Freya is the Nordic Goddess of love, beauty and fertility.

Freya’s Nourishment grew from natural products we created for ourselves and have been using for years. We have a genuine belief in health which inspires us to create beautiful products naturally. Whether it be a soy candle, a bath salt or one of our skin products; we source local, organic ingredients wherever possible. We do not use any artificial ingredients and source products that are cruelty free. Each of our products are lovingly handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Our products are ever evolving as we find new ways to nourish both ourselves and our skin. We seriously love our products, and are genuinely delighted when people discover them for the first time and see how beautiful they are.

Freya’s Nourishment website not only has beautiful products; you will also find deliciously nutritious recipes for any level of skill, to eat and use on your skin.

Freya’s Nourishment – beauty inside and out.

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Simple As That

SIMPLE as that


{SIMPLE as that} is all about skin health and promoting natural beauty, simply. We are not about beautiful models, unpronounceable ingredients or complex rituals. {SIMPLE as that} is about proven results, organic, fair trade and vegan ingredients, and a simple beauty routine to keep your skin healthy for life.

We believe 'less is more' and this is definitely true when it comes to natural beauty. At {SIMPLE as that} we make our products from scratch using as few ingredients as possible. We know that sticking to the basics is the best for your skin and our planet. We don’t dilute our products with cheap synthetic fillers, so our skincare is purer and better for you. It also means that our products are more likely to be effective, even on the most sensitive skin.

We want our products to be just as good for our community and planet, as they are for your skin. That’s why we support sustainable, local, small farm and organic sources to bring you the most ecologically and ethically responsible products possible. Our range will make you feel good inside and out!

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10% off all online orders at simpleasthat.com.au

Little Company

Little Company

79 Stephenson Street Cremorne VIC 3121
9421 1293

A little company dedicated to Living skin.

We use the term 'living skin’ to emphasise the importance of treating the skin as a living organ: not manufactured or made; it is cultivatedThrough living ingredients we nourish the mind, the gut, and the surface, with the effect of each on each other in mind.

Our treatments range in focus, from relaxing to correcting; we educate women on their body’s individual ecosystem and how their skin works and reacts, as well as specific ingredients that look to treat their specific needs. This serves as an informative step in an ongoing routine that they can practice every day at home.

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25% off your first facial, and 10% off treatments and products thereafter.

Botanik Bath and Body Boutique

Botanik Bath and Body Boutique


Botanik Bath and Body Boutique offers a selection of beautiful bedroom & bathroom products for the last hour you spend before lights out.

When shopping with Botanik, you’ll never have to worry about harmful ingredients, or cruel practices behind the creation of the things you’re putting on your skin and in your home.

All of our brands are locally sourced in Australia or New Zealand and are completely safe and ethical.

Because there’s no need to use harmful, toxin filled products when there are so many beautiful, safe and cruelty free alternatives being made by passionate individuals all around us!

We want you to know exactly what you’re putting on your skin, and even who it’s made by! Whenever you spend some money on yourself you should feel comfortable, proud and empowered.

Botanik is the brainchild of Mike and Romy and based out of Melbourne.

Romy – who started as a beauty therapist and has created her own organic skincare in the past – runs things day to day while Mike helps to make our website beautiful and easy to buy from.

Transparency – You should know every ingredient in every product.

Trust – We test every product, obsess over their ingredients and get to know the people behind the brands. If we wouldn’t use it, we don’t sell it.

Respect – We love our customers and provide a shopping experience that gives us love right back!

Easy Shopping – Free shipping every time, fair returns and nice little touches throughout.

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Save 10% off all online orders with Botanik Bath & Body Boutique.

Raw Complexions



Accredited Nutritionist, Kristina Temelkovski (left) and Expert Skin Specialist/ Naturopathy student, Maddison Osburn, have brought the worlds of nutrition and skin health together to produce the ultimate beauty food for your skin, mind and body.

Their vision is to inspire and empower women of all ages to start putting their skin, health and wellbeing first. They want to provide beauty and health focused women luxury, wholefoods based skin product that can be added into their daily health and beauty regimes at an affordable cost.

Enter Raw Complexions, and their signature product Skintox Beauty food, which is a unique blend of raw, skin loving ingredients, essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B's, C and E, minerals and unique enzymes and antioxidants that aids in the protection of skin cell DNA, slowing down of the ageing process and stimulation of new cell growth. Skintox Beauty Food also provides nutrients needed to assist with repair of many skin conditions including acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Kristina and Maddison believe every woman deserves to have beautiful, healthy skin and they are on a mission to create a pathway for women to nourish their skin from within and maintain a radiant clear complexion for life.

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10% off all Raw Complexions products purchased online.

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INDAH is Australian owned & hand-crafted in fresh batches without toxic ingredients that harm you & our environment, some are vegan-friendly & everything is palm oil free.

The new collection are useful products made for busy & active people. Each one is made with real native ingredients that make your life a little healthier & easier. We stand behind our range of skin & body products & we want you to experience the difference too. INDAH is created by Teisha Lowry (TLC) which is a true reflection of her healthy lifestyle. "Have nothing in your life & your environment that you don't know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. Live a simpler, more intentional life."

Shop the INDAH range of products via their website.

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10% off all online orders.

SURFACE Skincare

Surface Skincare



Not only does Surface Skincare tick all of Nourish Melbourne's requirements of being a toxic free skincare product and developed and made in Melbourne, but they share our vision of living a life full of nourishing qualities.

“We are devoted to helping the community make more informed decisions about organic living, fostering rich rewarding relationships. When you connect with us, you’re not just getting organic products that meet your ethical and sustainable standards, but you’re also entering into a rich community of like-minded people who support their choices and share their wisdom and love.

We sincerely hope you acknowledge your contribution in assisting us to create ecologically friendly products that promote ethical business practice, assist local communities, sustain the planet we live on and of course nourish your skin”.

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10% off all online purchases.

Chamomile-walnut-scrub_JEvans_NM site

Jacqueline Evans Naturopathic Skincare



Formulated and made in Melbourne, Jacqueline Evans Naturopathic Skincare is made using naturopathic principles and helps to promote the natural health of your skin. Jacqui says, "remember that the skin is the body’s largest organ, and we should treat it with the same respect we treat our other organs – we carefully consider what we put into our bodies, and so we should carefully consider what we put onto our bodies."

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Receive 10% off every time you shop from Jacqueline Evans Naturopathic Skincare online.

DnA Elements_Oct 2016

DnA Elements



DnA Elements is a brand formulated by an Australian pharmacist and created around the philosophy of pure, organic and holistic living. After years of study and research, both in the pharmaceutical and skincare industries, it became overwhelmingly obvious that nature is the true mother of our health, both internally and externally. Nature has an abundance of potent botanical extracts packed with vitamins, fatty acids and anti-oxidants, and it is our belief that nature provides us with the secrets to optimum skin health, anti-ageing and overall emotional and physical well-being.

The entire DnA Elements range has been researched and formulated using old fashioned techniques modelled on the ancient apothecaries with a vision to developing a trusted brand that stands not only for purity and abundance, but a deep respect for all that nature has to offer.

We pride ourselves on being completely transparent in everything we do and openly list each of the ingredients we use in our collections. We strive to use 100% certified organic ingredients in all our formulations and have eliminated the need to create products that contain harsh and toxic chemicals. By carefully selecting each of our ingredients based on their individual therapeutic properties, we ensure that our products deliver the highest quality actives at a cellular level to leave skin glowing, healthy and looking younger.

"At DnA Elements we create potent organic formulations from nature to maximise your DnA and promote natural beauty".

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15% off all online purchases.

The Lab Perfumery_Salus_cropped

The Lab Organics

360 Rathdowne Street Carlton North VIC 3054 Phone 03 9347 8871 thelaborganics.com.au


The Lab Organics - Our organic beauty shop stocks a handpicked selection of only the best organic beauty products, premium and emerging niche brands in natural skincare, hair care, perfumes, body care & home fragrances from around the world with a strong emphasis on supporting local products.

Perched in an eclectic array of shops and eateries along leafy Rathdowne Street Village in North Carlton, Melbourne, The Lab Organics is leading the way in the move towards organic & natural products for you, your home & your family.

Read more on the blog.

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