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Information VS Transformation

Information VS Transformation Jo Lippold, Green Press   There are billions of good ideas, good intentions and searches for betterment the world over every day. We are part of ...

Information VS Transformation

Information VS Transformation
Jo Lippold, Green Press


There are billions of good ideas, good intentions and searches for betterment the world over every day. We are part of a constant stream of ‘inspiration’ and ‘motivation’ with a click of a ‘like’ button, recipes for success and foolproof ways of making us all thinner, richer and happier. But are we?

How do we stop knowing this and start, well, actually making changes.



We as human beings have a wonderful safety net that has been inbuilt since day one: fear. Yes, fear was an important instinct to have when we were being chased by bears or anything else that wanted to eat us, or even fear that there wouldn’t be enough to eat. Fear is the voice that says “You can’t fail if you never try”, “Play it safe” “Better the devil you know”. Now, if you are in mortal danger, obviously don’t ignore it. But fear of change, of doing something new, of being bad at something, of being the new kid on the block is what is keeping that information locked up in your brain as a ‘could/should idea for one day/some day’, and not something we are actually doing.



The act of DOING is the only way to take something that is but a spark of a thought and turn it into an actual experience of reality. But first we have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. We have to push outside our comfort zone and override that voice that is telling you to sit quietly, to hit snooze one more time, to promise to do it ‘later’. You have to be brave to try, and flexing those courage muscles takes guts. Sure it may hurt, it may be weird, you may make a total fool of yourself, but then again you may LOVE it. By taking action we are actually CHANGING OUR BRAINS. We are creating new neural pathways, which is how we learn and why, when we haven’t done something for AGES, we can still remember… like riding a bike. But that is why we must do it again and again and again. Consistent practice ingrains the action in our mind, making it easier and easier every time we attempt the task.



Change takes time. Just as you couldn’t command your hair to grow, or for summer to come, change takes as long as it takes. Frustration, however, is all part of it. It shows you how much you want it and that requires patience.

These blocks are there to make you take stock. You have to see how far up the mountain you have already climbed before being able to crack on to the summit. Sometimes you may have to change course and get creative because, miraculous things that we human beings are, we are ADAPTABLE. We have to outwit our inherent intelligence sometimes and give it a new chew toy to gnaw on.



You will only really make lasting change if you really want it. Desire has a huge part to play in transformation because you need something to focus on when you’re on your final training run/rep/chug of green juice.


So before you even begin, some of the most important questions to ask are:


WHAT IS THE CONTEXT? If you can’t peg down where you are now and WHY you want to change, it’s going to be so much harder from the get-go.

WHAT ARE THE CONNECTIONS?  Who or what will you be more connected to by undergoing this transformation? Connection is really what it is all about, either to yourself (YES) or others (maybe) and you have to be able to connect the dots to form a plan of action.

WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE? What does it mean to you to get to where you want to go? What positive impact will this have on your every day life? Crack that and you will inspire YOURSELF.

WHAT ARE THE POSSIBILITIES? What will you be able to do in your transformed state that you couldn’t do before? What would your reality look like from the top of the mountain – the answer to this is going to act like the compass over the map.


Information is to transformation what instruction manuals are to finished flat-pack furniture. You have to do something with that knowledge to get the finished product.

Now go DO.


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