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Health through the eyes of a Craniosacral Therapist

Health through the eyes of a Craniosacral Therapist By Janine Gaddie, Freethebodymind Through my own journey, I have come to learn that health is not an equation. It is not about t...

Health through the eyes of a Craniosacral Therapist

Health through the eyes of a Craniosacral Therapist
By Janine Gaddie, Freethebodymind

Through my own journey, I have come to learn that health is not an equation. It is not about the absence of pain, dis-ease or discomfort. It is not “the state of being free from illness or injury” as Google says.

Health is about motion.

The body, which many believe is a three-dimensional object, is actually a process. A constant flow of information. A communication system. Nothing in the body stands still. We have two lungs breathing, oxygenating our blood; the skin, the thinnest layer separating self and other, sheds and renews itself; bones have a liquidity; the liver cleans out toxins; the brain communicates with everything; and the heart pumps nutrient-dense blood throughout the body.

Everything is moving. Where there is no motion, there is no life.

How vibrantly things move indicates how healthy someone is. We call this fluidity of motion ‘potency’. When movement is disrupted, blocked or there is stagnation, symptoms appear.

What’s more is that everything is in relationship – part to part, organ to organ, system to system, part to whole, mind to body.

If we look at earlier philosophies on health, the Shamanic way recognises mind, body and spirit as one entity. Greek wisdom perceives mind and body as a unit, and the spirit as separate. Then the famous philosopher René Descartes birthed the idea of Dualism, with the argument that the mind and body are two separate phenomena. That is, the mind doesn’t have a physical representation in the body. Our Western mindset has largely adopted his dualistic approach, but times are changing and we are in the midst of a huge transformation of how we view wellbeing.


We can focus on what’s wrong, but often the symptom isn’t the body’s main priority for healing, and other adjustments need to occur for issues to resolve. Rather than trying to ‘fix’ the problem, the focus of craniosacral therapy is to go to what’s well, and use this as a resource to help the rest of the system heal. We view the body-mind as a whole entity where everything is interconnected.

The treatment involves a very gentle, non-manipulative (no cracking) touch. We listen closely with our hands, feeling patterns of motion and identifying where movement is restricted, causing pain, discomfort and dis-ease. We then work with the central nervous system to optimise conditions for the brain and spine and assist the natural movement of fluid and soft tissue to help the body return to health.


1. The body doesn’t know sickness. It knows health, and it knows when health isn’t showing.
2. We are born with a blueprint for health.
3. There is wisdom in the body and when something goes wrong, built-in mechanisms work hard to help us heal.
4. With the right support and in the right conditions, we can self-regulate, self-correct and self-repair.
5. The mind and body affect each other in health. Emotions and past traumas can be stored in the tissue and can also be released by working with the body. Catharsis is not necessary to heal emotional wounds.


Because the treatment is so gentle, we are known for our work with:

> anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed and overloading of the nervous system
> trauma (physical and emotional)
> chronic pain (such as neck and back pain)
> babies and infants (movement, pain and settling issues)
> headaches and TMJ dysfunction
> chronic fatigue and insomnia
> autism and attention deficit disorder
> arthritis, asthma and sinusitis.


If there was no motion, there would be no life. So if movement is constant, then stillness is not motionless.

Stillness is an active state. Stillness is dynamic. At the heart of stillness there is an intrinsic aliveness.

Try this. Deeply quieten yourself and move your awareness through the layers of your body. Skin, muscle, bones, organs, soft tissue, fluids. Can you feel the rhythm of your body? Can you get a sense of the source from which all activity originates? Can you catch a glimpse of your dynamic stillness? At this level, there is no duality, no subject and no object. All life’s potential and health is contained within it. At our very core is a state of pure, unfabricated being. This is the place of our deepest nature. This is where health emerges.


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