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Goal Setting for 2015

Goal Setting for 2015 By Erin Kyna, Erin Kyna Life Coaching I’m going to be honest. I’m probably not the right person to write about goal setting for 2015. I’m not really a g...

Goal Setting for 2015

Goal Setting for 2015
By Erin Kyna, Erin Kyna Life Coaching

I’m going to be honest. I’m probably not the right person to write about goal setting for 2015. I’m not really a goal setting kinda girl.

I’m more of a manifesting your intentions for 2015 kinda lady.

In my coaching practice and my Manifestation Academy workshops, I specialise in teaching people how to manifest their dreams. And knowing what is driving the dream is important.

The two most powerful creative forces in the universe are fear and love.

Are you planning your year from a place of fear? The fear of not being good enough? A fear that you need to have or be more than you are to be accepted? Because you don’t feel successful without x, y and z?

Or are you planning your year from a place of love? Of wanting to be your best self, to have more so you can make a bigger difference in the world? To be able to serve better? To be able to instigate positive change in the world?

I would ALWAYS recommend love-based manifestations (because you are enough, I promise).

Here is a quick run-down of how you can manifest your intentions for 2015:


Having a clear intention is everything. Intention is the seed of all creation. As the saying goes – you can’t aim for a goal you can’t see. Most people know what they don’t want.

I don’t want to be single anymore.

I don’t want to live at mum’s next year.

I’m sick of being broke.

The law of attraction is going to match the vibration that you are putting out. You see, we are a giant mass of atoms vibrating and broadcasting an energetic signal out to the world. And you thought you were a solid human being. Well, sorry to say but you are 99.999 per cent energy and only 0.00001 per cent matter. The law of attraction means that like energy attracts like, therefore, whatever signal we broadcast out is returned to us. It’s our thoughts and feelings that influence our signal. So if you’re broadcasting that you don’t want to be broke: you get more of that: not wanting to be broke. Any ‘wanting’ leads to more ‘wanting’. The key is to set a goal that is affirmative and based in the present.

I love my supportive and loving intimate relationship.

My home is spacious and makes me feel amazing.

I am financially abundant.

And this is the paradox of the law of attraction… you must already feel like you have everything in order to create anything. Using statements that are affirmative and present based will help you do this.


Your heart and your mind both have their own electromagnetic fields, and if you are thinking one thing and feeling another, you are sending out an incoherent signal. That means you are sending out mixed messages to the world.

Incoherent signal = incoherent results.

When your thoughts and feelings are aligned, meaning you are thinking positively and feeling positive emotions such as appreciation, compassion and joy, you become a giant magnet sending out a stronger signal and drawing to you more positive people, places, opportunities and situations.

Being in coherence has been scientifically proven to also impact the world around you, so not only does this impact you, it impacts the people and the world around you.


Gratitude has been scientifically proven to move us into a coherent state faster than any other positive emotion. It’s a powerful thing, ol’ gratitude.

When you put money in the bank and it appreciates… What happens to it? It grows! So what we appreciate, appreciates!

Spend time each day to form a habit of appreciating what you already have and it will create more of it for you.

To start, each night write down three to five things that you are genuinely grateful for that day. Try to make them different each day. What put a smile on your face that day? What made life a little better or easier?

When this becomes simple and effortless, then start to look at the things that are difficult in your life and what you can be grateful for about them.

This is the true practice of gratitude. Sometimes our biggest growth comes from the most difficult times. When we look back we can see why and we can connect the dots to see how we have benefited from it. Can you start to connect the dots while you’re experiencing difficulties? Can you see the lessons that are being provided to you?

Take some time as this year commences to get clear on what it is that you want for your future, positively visualise yourself in that new life every day, feel good and be grateful, and watch how your life unfolds.

If you’re interested in knowing more about how you can leverage the laws of the universe to create the life that you dream of, then follow me via my newsletter on social media to find when my next workshop is running near you.


Erin is an accredited Life Coach. Erin says, "it is my passion to help people transform their lives. Find that sense of who you really are and to live that proudly. I want you to radiate who you are out of every cell of your being. I want to have passion and purpose about all that you do. I want you to smile, just because. I coach clients around the world to build a solid foundation on which to grow." Visit Erin's website to find out more.

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