Winter Solitude: Reflect & Restore

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Winter Solitude: Reflect & Restore

Winter Solitude: Reflect & Restore With Julia Matheson Life Coaching and Balanced By Ashleigh Bell Friday 24th May 2019, 6.30 - 9.30pm The Beatt, 24 Beatty Avenue Armadale V...

Winter Solitude: Reflect & Restore

Winter Solitude: Reflect & Restore
With Julia Matheson Life Coaching and Balanced By Ashleigh Bell

Friday 24th May 2019, 6.30 - 9.30pm
The Beatt, 24 Beatty Avenue Armadale VIC 3143

Early Bird (until 8 May): $55
General Admission: $65
Nourish Melbourne Member: $45 (click here when logged in to view your redemption code)


Join us for an intimate, cosy evening of Life Coaching and Sound Healing (more about sound healing below) to tune inwards and forge a deeper connection to yourself. Winter is the perfect time to go within, as it invites us to quiet the mind, still the soul, and crystallise our inner workings. This is a time to gain purity and clarification. The evening is focused on slowing down, self reflection and healing – all the tools you need to craft your own soulful winter solitude this season.


> Identify what’s no longer working and get clear on what you really really want
> Transform the negative beliefs that are blocking you from your dreams
> Reconnect with yourself, so that you can stop living life according to what you think you should do, or what society says you should
> Create a roadmap for your own personal definition of success
> Develop your intuition & deepen your level of self love.

Leave feeling connected and inspired with practical tools, tips and a your own take-home workbook.

What is sound healing?

Sound Healing has been used for thousands of years to facilitate healing and connection with the internal self. Sound can have a powerful effect on our bodies and emotions, stimulating the alpha and theta brainwave frequencies associated with meditative, clear and peaceful states of mind.

The vibrational frequencies of the Tibetan Singing bowls allow our minds and bodies to be soothed, bringing us into deep relaxation and allowing subconscious realms to be accessed for deep healing, bringing us back into balance and allowing tension, pain and stress to be dissolved.

Whether you are a beginner or have an already existing meditation practice, guided sound meditations can help you access those deeper states of relaxation and invoke a more profound connection between mind, body and soul.

Julia head shot


Julia Matheson is a certified Life Coach & Speaker. She guides ambitious individuals to reconnect with their place of knowing, their true nature, so that they can confidently create a life they flat-out LOVE. A life of ease, a life of abundance, with fulfilment and purpose.

Julia has a natural way of inspiring and bringing out people’s greatness. Her speciality is inspiring people to live their most passionate life full of self-expression and purpose. She helps connect people to their hearts and to go after their wildest dreams. Catapulting you on your journey towards a happier, healthier and more enriched life.

Julia offers private coaching, Inspired Hikes, retreats & workshops.

Ashleigh Bell


Ashleigh’s passion and mission is to support you to create a kind and loving relationship with yourself, know your worth and love who you are – inside and out.

Ashleigh draws on her experience as a Social Worker, combined with Reiki energy healing and Tibetan Singing Bowls to release energetic blocks, induce deep relaxation and promote a balanced mind, body and spirit.

It was Ashleigh’s own journey of healing and learning self love which fuelled her passion to create ‘Balanced by Ashleigh Bell’ as a heart centred hub to support others with their healing journey.

Working with individuals and groups, she aims to create a relaxed, safe and nurturing space, to honour your feelings and vulnerabilities. Allowing you to reconnect with the essence of who you are, create meaning, purpose and to allow yourself to shine.

Ashleigh is currently completing her Reiki Mastership with Loretta Carraro from Nourished Energy, she has trained under Venerable Lobsang Lama Tendar in ancient Tibetan meditative sound healing practices and holds a Master degree in Social Work.

Please note: 
Tickets cannot be refunded but can be transferred to a friend if you can no longer attend.