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Here you will find our recommended natural health therapists in Melbourne (including Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists, Remedial Massage Therapists, Myotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Acupuncturists, and Kinesiologists), as well as recommended fitness and yoga studios in Melbourne and Personal Trainers in Melbourne.

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The Holistic Ingredient

Amy Crawford

Combined Therapy Cocktail (CTC) is a 2-hour life transformational therapy combining a number of therapies including (but not limited to) Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, also known as tapping), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Reiki.

What I do is find the root cause of ALL of a client’s ‘negative’ emotions. I don't treat the symptom - I find the root cause which created a negative feeling, fear, limiting belief, addiction, insecurity, illness, trust issue etc and then manifested over the years. What makes this session so utterly effective is the way in which these therapies are bundled together.

CTC will successfully treat and all of a client’s issues, in the one session. Common issues include:

> Anxiety
> The feeling of being stuck or blocked
> Not feeling good enough
> The fear of judgement
> A fear of public speaking
> Food related disorders
> Difficulty forgiving or letting go of the past
> Anger and resentment
> Negative body image
> Weight related issues etc etc

In the most part the CTC session is beautiful relaxing and blissful, however it can also be very emotional which is a good thing, we want everything to come up and out in the one session.

Sessions are carried out face to face in Yarraville, Melbourne or via Skype anywhere in the world. There is no difference whatsoever in effectiveness.

Clients are giving a little homework to take away and some very simple tips and tools. Results are immediate and life changing and should not require any follow up treatment.

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The Revitalise Centre, 7/9 Bardolph Street Glen Iris VIC 3146
0450 356 682

Janine Gaddie - Craniosacral Therapist

In the past few decades, there has been a revolution in how we perceive the body. What appears to be a three-dimensional structure, is actually a process - a constant flow of energy and information. Pain, anxiety and dis-ease, often relate to underlying causes of stress, trauma and systemic blockages. Often the symptom is not the main priority for healing.

With a non-invasive, non-manipulative touch, a skilled Craniosacral practitioner works with the central nervous system, fluids and soft tissue to release restrictions and optimise conditions for healing and health.

It takes a remarkable amount of energy to live in pain or discomfort. In the right conditions and with the right support, I believe the body-mind has immense capacity to heal and to thrive.

Mind and body are inseparable. They cannot be treated in isolation. Through embodiment principles, my clients learn to have a present experience of the way your body works, the way you move and the way you feel. This deeper connection with ourselves is healing. This connection invites us to grow and to be the best version of ourselves – physically and mentally.

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Little Company

Little Company

79 Stephenson Street Cremorne VIC 3121
9421 1293

A little company dedicated to Living skin.

We use the term 'living skin’ to emphasise the importance of treating the skin as a living organ: not manufactured or made; it is cultivatedThrough living ingredients we nourish the mind, the gut, and the surface, with the effect of each on each other in mind.

Our treatments range in focus, from relaxing to correcting; we educate women on their body’s individual ecosystem and how their skin works and reacts, as well as specific ingredients that look to treat their specific needs. This serves as an informative step in an ongoing routine that they can practice every day at home.

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Julia Matheson

Julia Matheson Life Coaching

"My coaching is all about helping you realise your endless potential, and finding what makes you excited to get out of bed every morning.

I guide you to reconnect with your place of knowing, so that you can confidently create a life you flat-out LOVE. A life of fun, a life of abundance, a life of fulfilment and purpose, and of course, a life you absolutely love.

Life coaching is about getting real about what lights you up. It creates positive shifts, changes lives, advances careers, and creates a whole load of shareable bliss for you and those around you.

By working in a completely confidential setting life coaching will help you to break down barriers to success and challenge you to reach new levels of boundless joy and energy!

I understand that each and every one of my clients is on their own unique journey. My personalised support takes into account your history, your goals, your dreams, your fears, your strengths, and your weaknesses."

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