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Beauty tricks to do now for beautiful skin later

Beauty tricks to do now for beautiful skin later By Anna D’Amelio, Founder and Skincare Maker at Miod Natural Skincare Our skin is our largest organ and the barrier between us an...

Beauty tricks to do now for beautiful skin later

Beauty tricks to do now for beautiful skin later

By Anna D’Amelio, Founder and Skincare Maker at Miod Natural Skincare

Our skin is our largest organ and the barrier between us and the rest of the world. It is literally the face, the first impression we show to the world. Having beautiful skin has been a preoccupation throughout history. The Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used carefully prepared oils as part of their beauty practices and Cleopatra’s milk baths are famous. You need only take a stroll through your local supermarket to see that not much has changed. There are hundreds of creams, lotions and concoctions all claiming to make us look more beautiful, reduce lines and wrinkles and smooth out complexions. But do any of them really work? The majority of cosmetic products are packed full of chemicals and toxins. Their aim is for an instant fix, plumping up the skin and filling out lines. However, over the long term they can have devastating effects, damaging the protective top layer of the skin and causing irritations and imbalances that then take time to resolve. The damage extends to our internal health, as what we put on our skin is then absorbed into our bodies. This adds to the accumulation of toxins and creates a strain on our vital organs, such as the liver.

Although in today’s fast-paced life we all want an instant fix, it’s often the small daily actions and lifestyle changes that create the real changes over time. So what can we do right now that is simple, easy and inexpensive, that will ensure we look and feel radiant, that our skin glows with health and will continue doing so into the future? Below are some suggestions that you can easily incorporate into your daily beauty routines, which will all contribute to beautiful skin that lasts.

Body brushing

Brushing the skin gently stimulates the lymphatic system and blood flow, which clean out toxins and waste that can build up in our tissues. In addition, the skin is exfoliated and the dirt and dead skin cells that may be clogging up pores are removed, enhancing the process of toxin elimination through the skin. The result is softer and smoother skin. It also balances out dry skin by stimulating sebum secretion. Using a dry, natural-bristled brush on dry skin, brush towards the centre of your body and in a general upward motion towards the base of the neck, where the lymphatic system drains into the blood. The abdomen is brushed in a clockwise circular motion. Use gentle pressure and avoid sensitive and delicate areas.


Another way to get the benefits of body brushing is through massage. This is something you can easily do yourself and if you already regularly use a body lotion or oil to moisturise, it only means changing your technique. As with body brushing, massage towards your heart from your extremities and up towards the base of your neck. Using a high quality, pure, cold-pressed plant oil like coconut, macadamia or jojoba is best as they are easily absorbed, naturally moisturising and full of vitamins and nutrients that benefit the skin. This is all about detoxing, healing and cleansing so you want to choose products that reflect that ethos. After a hot shower is the best time to do it as your pores are open, enhancing absorption of the oil and aiding circulation.

Face masks

The benefits of face masks are varied and depend on the ingredients. Over all, face masks are a great way to cleanse, heal, fortify, tone and rejuvenate the skin. Through coating the skin for a certain amount of time, active ingredients are able to penetrate and impurities and toxins can be drawn out. Ensure you use high quality natural masks or make your own using simple food ingredients such as yoghurt, eggs, honey, fruit and vegetables.

Face massage

We hold a lot of tension in our face without even realising it and a massage will release tension, tone muscles and remove toxins through increasing circulation and stimulating lymphatic drainage. This can also be easily incorporated into your daily skin care routine when moisturising each morning or evening. There are a number of techniques, but they all generally involve massaging or tapping in an upward motion from the bottom to the top of the face. Next draw your fingers from the middle of your forehead out towards your temples, and from the sides of your nose out. Using your index finger massage your nose, chin and around your mouth with small circular motions. Avoid the delicate skin around the eyes and be gentle when cleansing, moisturising and applying make-up.

In addition to the above, we can’t forget that what we eat and drink makes up the cells of our body. Eating clean, nutritious foods packed with minerals and vitamins and drinking lots of filtered water go a long way to ensuring you glow with health.

All of the above are beautiful rituals that you can do for yourself, setting aside some time for just you. We live in a time of busyness, stress and constant rushing around and it can be easy to forget about ourselves. Taking even five minutes to care for our bodies and skin can make a huge difference. It’s a time to connect with ourselves, a time for stillness, relaxation and releasing of stress, all of which contribute to beautiful skin that lasts. Our skin can be a very good indicator of our internal health and, in turn, our health and happiness on the inside will shine out.

Miód Natural Skincare was born out of a passion for health and wellbeing, love of nature and desire for a simpler, healthier and more natural life. It is centred on a belief that simplifying, letting go and coming back to basics is better for our health, as well as being kinder to the environment. To us less is definitely more.  We use a small number of carefully selected, high quality whole natural ingredients to create truly pure, clean and honest products which feed and nourish the skin. Focusing on the use of nutrient rich, certified organic cold pressed plant oils and essential oils, our products are lovingly hand made in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. We are ethically and environmentally minded and aim to make a positive impact by choosing local, paying close attention to manufacturing processes and spreading the importance of natural, organic and local products.