3 Steps to Ignite Your Spark

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3 Steps to Ignite Your SPARK!

3 Steps to Ignite Your SPARK! By Julia Matheson, Julia Matheson Life Coaching Do you feel stuck? Are you feeling dull and bored with life? Are you frustrated that you’re not wher...

3 Steps to Ignite Your SPARK!

3 Steps to Ignite Your SPARK!
By Julia Matheson, Julia Matheson Life Coaching

Do you feel stuck? Are you feeling dull and bored with life? Are you frustrated that you’re not where you want to be? Do you even know where you want to be?

Are you so overwhelmed by your life that you’d rather hide in your bed?

Sometimes our life can look great from the outside, yet we feel like something is missing, we feel an emptiness inside that we try desperately (but not successfully) to ignore. We can become disconnected from ourselves and have no idea what we really, really want.

Have you ever pondered any of these questions:

> What do I believe in?
> What are my values?
> What’s my purpose here?
> How do I truly want to feel each day?

Most people go through life and NEVER ponder these questions. Hell, I was one of them. It’s generally not something that’s top of our agenda, and what a great shame that is because as a wise man famously once said,

The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates

Through my coaching and workshops I’ve seen hundreds of women just like you who feel disengaged from their lives and terrified of voicing their dreams, let alone pursuing them.

What if you woke up each morning feeling focused, purposeful and in control of your day?

What if you were free to create your ideal life? One that you LOVE! 

Well, not only is it possible, it’s completely achievable. I’ve summarised some of my most important work for you into three simple steps to get you on the right track and loving your life.



I’d like you to get reacquainted with yourself. You know the body, mind and spirit you’ve lived with your whole life? You might be wondering to yourself, “Have we met?”. Well, if you haven’t been formally introduced, now is the time to dive into WHO you really are. You may have become disconnected from your true self through a hectic pace of life, putting other people’s needs before your own or by trying to numb the pain and frustration you feel right now. Let go of who you always thought you were or what other people have told you you are. This process of connecting within is rooted in devoting time and energy to YOU. A dedicated daily self-practice to explore your deepest needs, wants and desires.

Q: How connected do you feel to yourself right now on a scale of 1–10?

When do you feel most connected to yourself? What things, places and activities help you turn inward? What can you do daily to get reconnected?


We are constantly playing a loop reel of judgements, rules and limiting beliefs. We say things like “you aren’t working hard enough”, “you should be further along in your career”, “you’re not smart enough/pretty enough/interesting enough/experienced enough”. The list goes on. Most of the time this voice operates quietly in the background, influencing our choices, behaviour and action (or inaction). Be aware that whenever people take the initiative to change their lives, an alarm sounds – the saboteur will awaken. Expect it. When you expect it, you give yourself the choice to let go of your limiting beliefs, bad habits and self-sabotaging behaviour. And in doing so, you will soon learn to make decisions out of joy and love, not fear.

Q: What’s your biggest personal block right now?

What are you willing to release?

How can you increase your levels of self-love?


Once you feel connected to yourself and you’ve let go of the cr*p that is weighing you down and standing in your way, you are ready to ignite your inner SPARK!

It’s about harnessing your authenticity – your passions and values – and getting super clear on what is really important to you. Realise your endless potential and embrace your own magnificent uniqueness – there is no one on this planet that is exactly like you are! Honour your inner spark, the divine you, your higher self – whatever you call it, it’s simply the best version of yourself that’s dying to be brought to life.

Q: What is your biggest passion?

What is your strongest value?

What is special and unique about you?

How can you honour your best self?

Isn’t it time you got in the driver’s seat of your life?

It’s your time to finally feel deeply connected to yourself, get out of your own way and set your soul on fire.

Your life begins the moment you ignite your own SPARK!

“Today is the perfect day to start living your dreams.

Do you want to dive deeper into your self-discovery?


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